iPod iPod Updater 2005-03-23 Available from Software Update


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Jan 14, 2005
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iPod software update 2005-03-23 delivers iPod software 1.1 (for iPod with color display)

Support for optional iPod Camera Connector for importing and viewing photos directly on iPod
Updated slideshow transitions


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Crossposting bad?

I have noted on a couple of posts that it appears that crossposting on these forums is tantamount to evil. While I understand the reasons against crossposting, in some instances I can see where it would be beneficial. This thread for example was originally posted in the forum "News Discussion". While I can see that an update to the ipod is news and thus relevant to that forum it is also relevant to the iPod and thus should be posted in the forum "iPod/iTunes Discussion" I have a limited time to scan these forums and since, for now, all I have is an iPod the " iPod/iTunes Discussion" forum is the only one I have time to read. Oh well that is just my two cents worth

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