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Discussion in 'iPod' started by GreatPurpleRobe, Feb 19, 2012.

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    I've had my iPod video since 2006, bought it brand new. I've used it almost every day for the last 6 years. About 3 years ago I replaced the battery. That battery is now starting to go: it only holds a charge for about an hour.

    My dilemma is: is it worth it to replace the battery yet again? Will I find that, if I replace the battery, the HD will just give out later in the year? What's the failure average on this generation? I have heard that the entire Classic line is getting the heave-ho pretty soon. Should I just break down and get a Touch? --GPR
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    Worth is subjective, so nobody can help you here. It sounds like you use it enough to justify the $40 or whatever it costs for another battery.

    Nobody can answer this.

    No idea, but plenty of them still run fine.

    Up to you.
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    I'd suggest that you fix up your iPod video. I have the exact same one you are talking about (in black - not sure about yours) and while I don't use it as much, still keep it on my desk for its "cool" factor. If you can't justify spending the $40 or how much ever it costs to fix up the battery, then it can still sit on your desk and show off your cool factor. Or, you can consider just buying a new one altogether. You could go with either the touch or the classic, as I personally don't think either will be updated anytime soon. Who knows though? :cool:
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    Mine worked fine until I dropped it the other day and the hard drive died. It click-whir-whir, click-whir-whir's. Wasn't there a way to hook up a compact flash drive to the iPod Video to replace the hard disk? It still works, powers up and wanted to play, just bombed the hard drive... :(
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    Apr 15, 2008
    Heck yes fix it! Heres a better battery for it:


    Cost is $5 NEW. And most likely you can replace it yourself.


    Yes. Here ya go:


    $2 SHIPPED. I'd also get a new HD cable for $3:


    You can put a 32GB or a 65GB CF card into it. Also 128GB but those run $1,000 :confused:

    64GB CF run about $120.

    Or just put a NEW 120GB hard drive in it for $65:


    While it's open you might as well replace the battery with a higher capacity new one.

    Good luck!

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