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Apr 12, 2001

AppleInsider has found a recent patent filing, presumably by Apple in conjunction with some select 3rd party manufacturers, that describes a device that can "compress, enhance, encode, transmit, decompress and display digital video images in real time." The device depicts a modified 1G/2G iPod with a color display with a headset hooked up to the traditional headphone jack and a video camera hooked up to where the remote jack used to be. There is also a infrared port on the bottom right for wireless connection to an optional A/V module that could enclose a speaker, camera, microphone, and additional display all in one.

While certainly interesting, there has been no additional information that has shown Apple is actively seeking to bring such a device to market. Also depicted via photograph, but not discussed in the story is a cell phone showed to also include video conferencing capability. It is not known if this supposed to reference the rumored "iPhone."

Updated: Macsimum has an in-depth article on the patent.


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Jan 10, 2006
Roeselare, Belgium
Very Nice, although it does seem a bit clungy with an extra module. The iPhone rumors may begin to grow, as well, but still, we won't see those things very soon.


Aug 16, 2005
New England
Macrumors said:
AppleInsider has found a recent patent filing, presumably by Apple in conjunction with some select 3rd party manufacturers
The sole named inventor is not an Apple employee so why would this be an Apple patent? Do they think he's ghpst inventing for someone else? In my experience, the patent system doesn't really work that way. If Kendyl Roman claims to be the inventor of this, Kendyl Roman had better be the inventor for the patent to stand up in court. He could potentially add a few names to the application at this stage in the game, but that is rare. A couple of clues that this is not the case are the references to "my co-pending application ..."

This sounds like the work of someone with lots of IP experience making a prediction of where things could go and putting his stake in the ground. Think of it as buying a lottery ticket.



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Jul 10, 2003
Falls Church, VA
Super Dave said:
Either way, I'm really glad that MacRumors lists its sources because other web sites seem not to. Go MacRumors! Honesty makes you cooler.

Glad someone notices :) It's definitely a big rule of journalism and journalistic etiquite that seems to be forgotten on a lot of websites, although I have noticed that AppleInsider, for instance, has been giving credit more often recently.


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Jul 18, 2002
Not an Apple Patent. The inventors are just guys who thought of the idea, and 'assigned' it to this IP firm. So it looks like the Roman guy runs a company that comes up with patents and then sells/liscences them to whoever wants to use the technology. In this case they are targeting Apple.

I didn't see the actual filing, anyone know if Apple patents are listed in the prior art? Apple could get this invalidated if they have prior art that this infringes on. Something I'd be sure they have thought of. Thats what you do...develop a product, think of every possible application and use long before you plan to do it (even if you DON'T plan to ever use it) and file an application. That way you creat a 'patent hedge' around your products so no one can do what you are doing.


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Feb 9, 2006
Salt Lake City
The thing that makes this potentially exciting is if it comes from Apple--they'll know how to do it the best way, I think. If it's from a third party and Apple has no part of the development, then it's not the same. The idea of handheld videoconferencing has been around for a while, I believe either Samsung or Sony Ericsson released a phone that could do it in Japan a few years back.

If Apple does get on board though, maybe it could be an add-on to the iPod effectively converting it to the long-awaited iPhone. Not sure how well it would be received though until you add functionality for it to work on mobile phone networks. Presumably that's what's in mind.


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Mar 29, 2006
This doesn't seem to be a bad idea, but is there really any market for something like this? "Oh check it out. I can video confrence from anywhere"'s a great idea, but I don't know many people who need to video confrence from the subway....Also, won't new york need to make a new law "No Using your Video Ipod while driving"

Scarlet Fever

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Jul 22, 2005
Compatiblepoker said:
I saw a guy eating a bowl of cereal as he was driving last week. Rediculous.
i saw a guy on the freeway, coffee in one hand, ciggie and pencil in other, with a newspaper on his lap while steering with his knees :rolleyes:


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Scarlet Fever said:
i saw a guy on the freeway, coffee in one hand, ciggie and pencil in other, with a newspaper on his lap while steering with his knees :rolleyes:
Let's just hope he doesn't confuse the ciggie for the pencil - the draw would suck and his paper would be a bit scorched. Oh yeah, and hope he doesn't kill someone.


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Jan 19, 2005
infrared audio and video transmission ? ? ?

i would like to see THAT infrared port
they are way too SLOW


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Sep 1, 2005
Definately think it would be geared more towards the iPhone rather than an iPod.

Here in Japan, nearly every phone that is coming out now has video conferencing. So it is only a matter of time before every phone around the world has it.
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