iPod Vids Aren't "Compatible"

Discussion in 'iPod' started by leftbanke7, Jul 11, 2007.

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    I have recently done some ripping and converting of TV show DVDs via MacTheRipper/Handbrake. For whatever reason, some of the shows are not compatible with my iPod. What is weird is that it is somewhat random and while some in the batch I encoded work perfectly well, some don't work at all. And since iTunes doesn't give you the specific reason why they aren't compatible, I have no idea why it is the case.

    Is there any reason why some would work and some wouldn't when they are all encoded with the same settings (and most of them at the same time)?
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    If you're using the same settings for every video, and some work and some don't, then I can only really think of one thing.

    You may be using a CRF 1-pass constant quality mode and some of your final videos encoded may be surpassing iPod's ceiling of 1500kbps. A bitrate calculator would confirm if this is true.

    CRF guarantees you a certain quality level, but is unpredictable in final bitrate and final file size to get you to that quality level as some video needs more than others.

    If that is indeed the case, then you may have to go with a fixed bitrate instead to stay within the ceiling, but this would require a second pass otherwise the quality would suck (unless you only care for a quickie view on the small screen and delete later...).

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