iPod what does the name mean?


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This recently hit me. I don't remember anyone at anytime questioning the name of the iPod. Why did Apple name the thing iPod? It sounds like some alien thing or maybe a plant thing. The only thing I could come up with is Personal Organizer Device. That's leaving the i off since the i has lost much of it's original meaning that it had in the time since the iMac or internet Mac came out.

Has this been discussed here before? I did a fairly thorough search and was unable to come up with anything here on MacRumors. If anyone one has any insight into this please let me/us know.


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Mar 25, 2002
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Here's one opionion on the matter.

Taken from the above link
The web has been full of speculation as to why Apple would name its recently announced breakthrough digital device iPod. Sensing that people need some resolution, Right On Mac decided to call in favors with several of our secret contacts deep inside Apple.

Many consumers think that "pod" refers to foot or hull, indicating a device that is intended to be used while walking, or one that has a stylish, even space age, design.

There seems to be no consensus within Apple about the derivation of the iPod name. One hardware engineer reported it stands for Pentium Out Done, while another suggested it signaled a message to the competition: Puckerup Or Die!

We spoke with a disgruntled member of the naming committee, who said his submission, Product Of Da'future, was sacked early on.

We spoke with two members of the design team, on condition of anonymity. The first, who worked on the final design told us the name stands for PrimO Design. The other, who was removed from the project after submitting a cube shape concept drawing, said she thinks it stands for Pretty Odd Device.

A software engineer reported it was to stand for Pacman On Demand. However that name was pulled when the game Breakout was hidden inside the iPod. Many Apple employees felt iBod didn't have the same punch, although our source maintains it would have highlighted the device's sexy shell nicely.

One cynic in the marketing department told us iPod stands for Painfully Overpriced Device, but we think she is just upset because her job would be a little easier if the iPod were less expensive.

We managed to get an interview with a janitor who reportedly works on Steve Jobs' floor. He said he was emptying the trash a few months ago, when he came across some sketches of the catchy little device. He said that scribbled underneath the drawing were the words "Predator of Dell."

While our investigation did not yield any concrete results, we felt our report would nevertheless be of interest to the Mac community. We hope no one at Apple will lose their jobs over this. We thank our sources for agreeing to speak with us. We will only reveal names by court order.


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Nov 8, 2001
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i got it

i know what ipod means, too bad its closer to a pda's description!! ok iPod= internet personal organization device, so what do y'all think?


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Oct 14, 2002
ipod name

Here are a couple of ideas for you to ponder.

The first comes from the Liddell and Scott Dictionary of Ancient Greek.
Though morphologically different to iPod ... I think its close enough to be interesting ...

ephod-iazô , Ion. epod- , furnish with supplies for a journey

The second idea ... is that "Pod" may refer to the old science-fiction standby of the "escape pod" ... which works on a number of different levels as the name for an mp3 player.

Now if only I owned one ....


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Nov 8, 2001
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