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Discussion in 'iPod' started by question fear, Oct 13, 2005.

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    OK, I am getting pretty frustrated here. My ipod is a 3rd gen dock connector with touch wheel ipod, and I am trying to install the update from 9-23-05. Itunes updated fine, but the ipod updater keeps saying "updater does not have firmware image" when I click update. Further, the ipod itself won't disconnect, I ejected it from the desktop and it continues to flash "do not disconnect". (actually, this time it unmounted without complaint) itunes is not running, ipod updater is not running, and there is nothing else it syncs with. I am running Mac OS 10.2.8 on a G3 ibook. (i know updating would be good, but first I didn't have the funds and now I don't have a working cd drive. If this is what pushes me to get an external fw drive and upgrade, great, but I want to get this resolved first.)
    This is after several freezes, so the ipod has been unhappy for a few weeks now. Is this the end?
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    iPod Can't Update, Eh?

    Hi there-

    I just wanted to let you know I ran into the same probleme with my iPod, also a 3rd gen! What you have to do is this: Restore your iPod. You said that iTunes was able to update, so if that is the case you just need to update the iPod. To do so, open the iPod install and it will give you the options to "Restore" or "Update." Choose to "Restore." Grant it, you will have to re-register your iPod, and it will erase the iPod's content in its entirity. Having firewire helps, and if you are a Mac-guy, then that should be standard and you're iPod will be updated in no time!

    Hope this helps!

    Huntsville, AL

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