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    Hi, my names Crystal. I have an iPod Touch 5th Generation. I've had it over a little 2 years. I dropped it last year, but it was still working and charging!!!! I got a new phone and started using it more, and totally forgot out my iPod now its pissed at me and wont charge, nor turn on. I've tried several other Apple Chargers for it, nothing pops up. Not even the Apple sign it usually pops up with, or the charging symbol. I've tried holding the top button, and the home button, NOTHING. Someone help me. It has all my photos on it. I tried going to iCloud.com to see my photos but it said to get on my device and go to photos and turn the icloud photos on but HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WHEN IT WONT TURN ON. Please someone help meeee!!!! :(
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    You say you used different chargers. How about different cables? Did you try connecting it to a computer to charge, instead of wall chargers? Did you try holding both the power and the Home button at the same time, and keep holding them in hopes the Apple logo would appear? Did you try that while the iPod was connected to a charger?

    It seems your photos are very important to you. Whether or not you get this iPod working again... In the future, back up your stuff on a regular basis - it's very easy to do. Maybe you can blame Apple for making a defective iPod, or a thief for taking your iPod, or a younger sister for breaking your iPod... but you have nobody to blame but yourself for losing your photos.
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    There is a few things you can do.
    1. Clean out the charging connector with compressed air and or something thin to get the dust out.
    2. Try Apple Genuine chargers and leaved it plugged in for a long period of time.
    3. Take it to Apple and get a new battery installed so you can get your pictures back.
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    the out of warranty repair costs for your iPod are

    $99 for 16 gb, $149 for 32gb and 64 gb
    $79 for a battery only

    unlike the iPhone there are no differences between "repair costs" and "screen replacements"
    the only thing you should be worrying about is "do you have a backup?????"
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    While there is a battery repair cost for the ipod at an Apple Store, they don't actually have a way to put a new battery in it. If there's a problem with the battery, they swap out the whole ipod and just charge you the battery price. So that won't help you get your pictures back.

    Clean out the dock very carefully with a paintbrush and/or toothpick
    Make sure the charger and cable you are using work on a different device
    Plug it in and hold down the power and home button together for about 2 minutes
    If it doesn't turn on, let it charge for at least a half hour
    Try holding both buttons again
    If it's still not turning on, see if it shows up in iTunes just to be sure it's not just that the screen is dead, but there's not much else you can do after that

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