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Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by Philberttheduck, May 8, 2006.

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    Mar 15, 2006
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    If you haven't already checked out the iPod Gear subforum's SINGLE THREAD (non-rules). It's been over a year and it's clear that no one is interested in iPodGear. It's been over a year since that subforum has been even used. This has to be changed because the title of the thing is EXTREMELY deceptive (for one). Now, if MacRumors is getting paid to advertise iPodGear, I suggest you rename the subforum to a single word (iPodGear^TM Discussion); by having it read "iPod GEAR" it generally implies that the subforum discusses general iPod gear (headphones, cases, car-adapters, etc.).

    the subforum hasn't been used in over a year (Yahbus-thread was created on 4-6-05). I think it's annoying that iPodGear gets its own discussion forum when no one really cares about the website (participation in that thread doesn't merit its own subforum). Also, it's probably wasting some bandwidth (obviously a little because no one really visits that forum) so I suggest deleting the subforum. I mean, I wouldn't mind seeing a iPod Gear (general ipod gear discussions) subforum but I think the Buying Tips etc. Subforum pretty much would sum that up, save a couple of reviews.

    To wrap it up, I'm suggesting either

    1. Delete the entire subsubforum
    2. Renaming it to make it clearer and read "iPodGear Discussion".

    Could be just me, but I think it could save newbies like me a little trouble and confusion, and save the website of bandwidth.
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    Thanks for the suggestions, Philberttheduck.

    You are certainly correct that the subforum isn't a hotbed of activity right now. Threads about iPod accessories are generally found in the iPod/iTunes Discussion forum instead.

    By way of clarification: iPodGear is one of the MacRumors family of websites, and that's why it has a dedicated forum, just as DailyTunes does.

    We do review the forum layouts and consider changes now and then. We'll do so again after some "renovations" currently underway at iPodGear are finished.

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