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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by deepikaur, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. deepikaur macrumors newbie

    Jan 10, 2009
    Right now, I'm looking to drop an investment into a decent iPod (either an 8GB touch or a Classic). A 16GB is out of question right now.

    Thing is, I'm not sure if 8GB would be enough. My music collection is of a hefty size. Then again, I usually tune into Last.FM when I'm feeling musical. But it would seem that streaming music on the Touch would drain the battery life pretty fast. Anyone have any idea about how many hours the Touch would keep up if I were to continuously stream music from Last.FM?

    I'm still considering the Classic because of the tremendous amount of space, and the super long battery life (I'm horrible when it comes to charging). But the Touch would definitely cut back on the time I spend on my desktop for non study-related things (checking email, Google Reader, etc..).

    Would it be better to just purchase the Classic now, then save the money up and purchase a Touch with more space (more than 8GB) next year (then gift my dear Classic to someone, of course)?

    Also, on the Classic.. is it true that the notes can only have 1024 characters? I heard that from someone, but am feeling rather skeptical towards that piece of info..

    Also, I'm considering purchasing a Macbook next year, at the time of my graduation. I plan on heading into Graphics. What would you recommend for someone who'd like a laptop with enough space, at a reasonable price?

    Thanks in advance. :)
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    Sep 15, 2007
    in a great place
    The 8 Gb touch is going to be gone come September. Its just to small. I am surprised it is still around. If you can wait til you by your macbook/ macbook pro till september you will probably get it for free. ( the ipod that is)

    If you must I would go with a refurbished classic or refurbished touch if you really want the touch. both available in apples online store right now.

    I am not sure of the battery life while streaming the FM. Probably 2-3 hours max. It considered constant internet use and that drains horribly fast

    if you are going in to graphics and off to college then I would say the Macbook Pro. It is built for stuff like that. The macbook screen will be to small for you. And anything else is not portable/ to expensive for the time being.

    Always check apples refurbished store. It has great deals.

    Good luck with your decision.
  3. Ivan P macrumors 68030

    Ivan P

    Jan 17, 2008
    On a full battery my touch can easily stream music via Wi Fi for an entire night (approx. 7-8 hours).

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