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    Hi...I am thinking about purchasing an iPod Shuffle, but I had a few questions...

    First off...I know the dock transfers through the headphone port. Does this mean transfers are going to be slow (real time)

    Second...I am going to use this to hold me over until the True Video iPod is released, then I might purchase one of those...this will probably do until then, right?
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    May 9, 2006
    The new interface should transfer at the same speed as the old (which is, fast enough to fill 1GB pretty quickly).

    Whether or not it will be enough to tide you over until the new iPod depends on your listening habits. If you tend to listen to only a handful of albums at a time, it'll be fine. Other people like carrying around their whole collection, so they'd be better off with a larger Nano or a regular iPod.
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    Sorry to complain but you could have used a more descriptive title.
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    The headphone port is also a USB port and a charging port. It's all combined into one. It's a USB 2.0 connection and will run at a speed determined by the write-speed of the flash memory used inside. It's probably going to be similar to the current Shuffle's transfer speed (not quite as fast as USB 2.0 would allow but much faster than USB 1.1 - the write-speed of the shuffle's flash memory is slower than that of the nano) and it will be much, much faster than real-time transfers.

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