iPort Introduces Inductive Charger and Wall Mount for iPad

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    iPort, a custom in-home installation company that specializes in iOS-product mounts and controllers, has brought inductive charging to its iPad lineup.

    The Launchport is a three-part system comprising of a PowerShuttle case for the iPad 2, a desktop inductive charger and stand called the BaseStation, and a in-wall charger and mount called the WallStation. The video below shows how the system works.

    iPort's products are designed for whole-home installation and control of audio and other systems. The company partners with high-end control providers like Crestron and AMX. Crestron has a very powerful iOS app for control of their advanced whole-home control systems.

    The iPort LaunchPort will be available later this year, with the PowerShuttle case for $149 and the wall and desk mounts for $199 each.

    Article Link: iPort Introduces Inductive Charger and Wall Mount for iPad
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    I might be a bit concerned with the strength and securement of the magnetic connection when on the wall mount... is it really strong enough to allow you to use the iPad when docked on the wall for A/V applications? I would be concerned about having it dislodge and fall, potentially being an expensive experiment.
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    What if your iPad was twice as thick and dangerously hung from the wall?
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    Things like this will be awesome with iOS5's auto sync feature
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    The company partners with high-end control providers like Crestron and AMX. Crestron has a very powerful iOS app for control of their advanced whole-home control systems.

    Articles such as this which pique the thoughts towards utilitarian roles for robotic applications. It's the future. A future industry that's gonna be bigger than Apple.

    One step at a time until someday, … Murgatroyd will live!


  6. caseyh macrumors member

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    Apple TV interface shown in the Youtube video

    Is the AppleTV interface shown in that youtube video different from what's shipping now?

    Direct link to video: http://youtu.be/CkSfIJ5ZGSw
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    nobody is that happy when they're using their iPads.
    i'm sorry, but seriously if you met those people in real life, you'd think they're crazy or on drugs.
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    in this video: epic family bonding via magic technologies :apple::apple::apple:
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    The small magnets in the iPad 2 right now which hold the smart cover are strong enough that you can pick up the device with the cover. If you see the design, the magnets are not holding the weight, they hold the iPad in the mold of the dock with this round shaped form on the back. That is basically just like having 2 dish plates and the magnets are just holding one to the other and the gravity rests on the outer plate. For that price, I would expect that a malfunction would result in them paying the damage.

    I had the same thoughts about the smart cover and it works just fine. This solution though is nothing for people with smaller children because as soon as this is in range, it is on the floor in pieces. And kids are adventurous - if you think you mounted it high enough, you end up with a wobbly pile of toys next to a crying child with an iPad and cracked display... 'Nuf said! :cool:
  10. backdraft macrumors 6502

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    It would be great to pair the Launchport with SavantAV for room control or with Sedna Presenter

    It definitely has potential for interesting applications!
  11. iSheahan macrumors member

    Feb 21, 2008
    It's a great start. I mean, they gotta start somewhere.

    Remember how gawd awfully ugly the first gen iPod were compared to now? I'm sure with some time, the design and user experience will refine and be much better.
  12. wolfshades macrumors 6502


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    This kind of innovation is what convinces me that the iPad is here to stay. The rest of Apple's competitors will do their best to find an "iPad killer" but their products will always be compared to the iPad.


    The product is intriguing enough to provoke me into buying one. The temptation would be to buy a bunch of them - along with some more iPads - and hang them as permanent fixtures for various purposes: weather, pictures, etc.

    ....oh wait...iPads cost serious money...


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