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    iPreview v1.0 release date 28.11.12

    iPreview is a very smart app for bloggers, editors and developers: it places your screenshots, pictures and photos into a pixel perfect, high detailed iOS device frame. There is no need to use a computer or any graphic editors. Post your previews to web or share it with friends form your mobile device on go.

    Fill the difference:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Main features:
    - Pixel perfect, high detailed iOS device models.
    - Realistic glares, reflections and shadows.
    - Portrait and landscape orientation modes for saved previews.
    - Flexible save and share options
    - Built-in app twitter share.

    When you first run iPreview you'll se the tutorial:

    After completing the tutorial main menu starts:
    Here you can choose device model (at the moment iphone 4/4s and 5 is available) and either black or white you want to use.

    After that tap on the model screen to choose an image. If the size of the chosen image is not equal to screenshot edit mode will be available: you can zoom in/out, move or rotate the image.

    Go to options to customize your save presets:

    Orientation button on the right corner switches between portrait and landscape modes for saved previews.
    Press share button to save the result to camera roll, copy to clipboard, tweet or send email

    here is app store link:
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