IPv6 Soaking Up CPU


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Jun 17, 2014
Lincolnshire, UK
All of my Macs have the MenuMeters Preference pane installed, so my CPU use is always visible in the Menu bar - with this I can see that when idling they all use between 0-2% CPU.
I just noticed that my recently acquired 15" DLSD was idling at 12-15% - trying to hunt down that missing CPU task in Activity Monitor, Console and Top in Terminal revealed nothing.
I ran Onyx to clear out caches and fix permissions etc but it still remained...then I turned Airport off....back down to 0-2%!
I suddenly remembered, had I turned Configure IPv6 off in Network Preferences like I normally do?
Sure enough, it was set to the default of Automatic - switching it off returned the CPU meter to 0-2% - worth knowing if you like to squeeze out every bit of CPU.


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Nov 11, 2017
West Virginia
That's such a weird behavior! I realize that IPv6 still doesn't matter for most folks, let alone when Leopard was released, but it still seems like an obvious bug that this would eat that much CPU.


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Mar 19, 2016
North of the HellHole
IPv4 exhaustion due to more and more devices using IP adresses ( IoT) and more and more things being connected constantly to the Internet.

IPv6 uses 128 bit adresses vs IPv4 using 32 bit adresses , plus IPv6 offers a lot more LAN functionality without needing a router.