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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by mcdj, Dec 18, 2007.

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    Jul 10, 2007
    Just in case anyone is considering this case...

    The iQase Poket is a decent concept (that I actually sorta came up with back in mid July, to the sound of crickets, before iQase introduced it.). Unfortunately, iQase's execution of the concept is less than decent.

    I received the case very quickly after ordering it. I was excited to see what iQase did with my stolen IP their very original window idea. The leather is glove thin, but slightly stiffer. You can see the leather in action in the Poket's YouTube video on their site.

    The thickness of the leather affords little if any shock protection. This leads you to think they're looking to merely sheath the phone in leather, which in theory is good, if you're looking for a slim unobtrusive case. The theory falls flat there however, as iQase has designed the Poket to be about 20% wider than it needs to be...almost a half inch wider than the body of the iPhone. Instead of turning the outer seams inward, as many case manufacturers do, they simply sewed the edges flat. Add to that the overall looseness of the case (the phone constantly shifts around inside the case) and the result is a flappy leather envelope for your slim svelte iPhone, or as Borat would say, like a wizard sleeve. A shame really, because the PVC window is really handy, especially if you're running a hacked phone with Taskbar Notifier.

    On top of the oversized floppy leather (which smells very nice I will say), the other nuisance that keeps the Poket from being great is the magnetic snap. This is the only thing holding the phone in the case. If it pops open, your phone WILL be airborne. The magnet itself seems pretty reliable, but every time I put the case in my jeans pocket, it flipped open. Not good.

    Also not good is iQase's store-credt-only policy, which I admittedly overlooked before purchasing the Poket. So I'll be either Ebaying the Poket, or giving it to an unsuspecting acquaintance for the holidays.
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    Oct 6, 2007
    Wow.... that case looks a little inconvenient.... > > Interesting concept, though...

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