IR Problem on rMBP - Questions before I take it to Apple

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by sonicrobby, Aug 9, 2013.

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    Apr 24, 2013
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    So after months of no issues, today I finally had the IR issue on the 1st gen LG screen. Had my finder window open for a few hours while I went away, came back to minimize it, and it was still visible in the background.

    1) So apple just replaces the screen correct? I do not have to worry about extracting all my data? (I will backup just in case though)

    2) Is this something I have to call ahead for? Or can I just go in and drop it off?

    3) How long does the process take? because I do have some work to do and will need my computer for it :[

    4) Do I have to prove the IR problem? or do they have their own test to see if there is an issue?

    Anything else I should know?

    Thanks in advance for all of your responses!
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    Aug 29, 2012
    1. They will only replace the screen if that is the only issue.

    2. Don't go to the Apple store without an appointment.

    3. Varies for each individual case.

    4. They will replace the screen at their discretion only. They have their own IR tests.

    I'd recommend wiping your hard drive, unless you don't have an issue with someone else looking through all your files.

    See below.
  3. Engali macrumors member

    Jul 7, 2012
    I just had this done and am now a proud owner of a Samsung screen.

    1) Yes, they take the whole top half of the laptop off. Any skins/decals/etc on that top half will not be returning with the laptop.

    2) You need to bring it in to have them run tests on it. I'm pretty sure they are tightening up on what will qualify because even though I had IR as well as these very light, pinpoint dots clustering on the left side of my screen and the guy who saw this noted it in their system (I didn't want to change the screen immediately), when I returned they want to look at it again instead of following the notes.

    3) The quote is 3-5 business days. I turned in the laptop the day before I was moving and I wanted to have them send it to an Apple Repair Facility to fix it (usually the only way they will subsequently ship it to you). I left it with them late Friday and I got it Tuesday morning. That seemed very fast to me, but YMMV because they usually do this in-house and maybe your particular store will have more repairs to do and/or less people to do it.

    4) Look up "IR test Mac Retina" or something. The test I did used a grey and white checkerboard. It was very clear even after about 20sec or so.

    Just be ready to leave it with them then and there. I would remove anything plugged into SD slot or USB slots and any sort of case on it if possible. I had a carbon fiber skin on it and the laptop came back with the screen half of the laptop without it, but I already knew it would because I asked ahead of time. That's fair since you can't expect them to peel it off and find a way to ship it back effectively.


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