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Discussion in 'macOS' started by Rapmastac1, Aug 19, 2006.

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    Aug 5, 2006
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    Hey, does anyone know about sending and recieving files VIA IR to a pocket pc handheld via Macbook? Where would I start, do I need any drivers? And, if I can get it working, how fast would it be? The Pocket PC (Toshiba e330) uses USB 1.1, is IR faster than this?
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    I'm don't believe the IR setup in the Macbooks and Macbook Pros can be used for data transmission. I think it's a receiver, not a transceiver (capable of receiving -and- transmitting data). Older Powerbooks (like my TiBook) had an IR transceiver, but I believe Apple dropped it as a feature a few years ago. If it's a possibility, you can set it up under Network. I've used my Pocket PC with the IR connection on my Powerbook and, trust me, you're not missing anything. I think IR had a max transfer rate in the low to mid-100 kbps range.

    I would suggest getting software that let's your Mac recognize your Pocket PC, like The Missing Sync (, and using USB. Just make sure your device is supported (there is a list on their site).

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