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    Dec 28, 2008
    UPDATE: Calling all iRealSMS 3.0 beta testers:
    The iRealNetwork is now LIVE! - Initial beta testing has already been completed so we know it works. But we are looking to test it under a heavier load. If your interested in cheap outgoing SMS credits then please give us a try! Right now the price is 50 credits for 3.99euro / 5.86usd, which is roughly a little less than 12 cents a text message.... thats pretty good when compared to other carriers like AT&T that charge 20 cents a text, and 50 cents for international text messages. So there is quite a bit of money to be saved when sending this way for individuals that are not on an unlimitied text plan, for those that want to buy backup credits for when their monthly carrier allowance runs out, or for those that need it simply for the cheap international text message rates! (Or for those that dont want certain sms messages showing up on their monthly statement :D, so when used with a blacklist its the perfect combo :D)
    Please take part and give us some feedback.
    And so there is no confusion, both domestic and international SMS messages sent using the iRealNetwork only use 1 credit.

    Info on iRealNetwork:
    requires an internet connection (WIFI, 3G or EDGE)
    like all gateway servers, these can only be used to send to other GSM carrier networks... most CDMA networks will not receive SMS messages delivered by these kinds of gateways. This is not a problem exclusive to our service, but even the competition has the same limitations.
    To toggle the network from within a conversation or the QR/QS: Long hold on the SEND button. The button will flip over and you will see the text color is changed. We are counting on your input to make this system even better... so if you like it, let us know... if you request some changes, let us know as well.

    for those of you that are not up to speed on the iRealSMS 3.0 beta, you can find more information here:
    iRealSMS - your REAL native landscape SMS app on the iPhone • View topic - Introducing iRealSMS 3.0

    I hope to get your support as we need all the feedback we can get as we wish to release an official version very soon! Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Dec 28, 2008
    UPDATE: Please Read
    Just so there is no confusion, the iRealNetwork is an optional secondary sending method built into iRealSMS 3.0. In no way are you forced or pressured into using the network. We know that it won't be beneficial to all, but for many users it can save you quite a bit of money per month.

    Here are some scenarios:
    • Do you run an international business and use your iPhone to text clients and employees out of the country? Then we can help. Why spend $0.50 a text when you could be spending $0.12?
    • Does your carrier allot you with say 300 text per month, then after that charge you $0.20 for each additional SMS? Then you can purchase credits via the iRealNetwork and spend only $0.12 a text, almost half the price of the carriers standard rates.
    • Do you have an unlimited text message plan, but you have friends in Mexico or Europe that you keep in contact with? Why spend $0.50 for each international message sent when you could save over 3 times that amount by sending over the iRealNetwork at roughly $0.12 a text?
    That's just a few examples. But once again it is an optional method. You can still use iRealSMS as normal and send via your normal carrier settings.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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    Dec 28, 2008
    iRealSMS 3.0 Will be a paid upgrade, but iRealSMS 2.0 users still have a chance to participate in the beta process to receive a FREE UPGRADE.

    @All iRealSMS 2.0 users: BE SURE TO INSTALL THE 3.0 BETA TO AUTOMATICALLY UPGRADE YOUR LICENSE. This will guarantee you a free upgrade to iRealSMS 3.0 when it is released.

    To users of the iRealSMS 3.0 beta, as long as your a licensed 2.0 user, and you are not getting the Trial Mode Splashscreen when you launch, then you are already in the system as upgraded to iRealSMS 3.0, so your already locked in for the FREE upgrade when the app launches officially... so your good!

    But this is a shout out to those of you with iRealSMS 2.0 that have decided to pass on the beta and wait for the Official launch... if you dont install the beta you will miss out on the FREE UPGRADE incentive. And btw, the beta is much more stable and polished than the current 2.0 app anyways, so what is anyone even doing using the old 2.0 version still?

    For those that purchased iRealSMS 2.0 via RockApp, just send me your purchase reciept to, subject: "RockApp Free Upgrade" and I will send you a free upgrade as well. This offer is only good during the beta period. So hurry and send it.

    Thanks again for everyone's support and bug reports. The app should launch at the end of the month. Just cleaning up the known bugs and getting it ready for release.

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