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    Get ready for AppStore's most intense survival experience. Are you strong enough to survive in Hell? There's only one way to find out... enter the world of iRequiem!

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    iRequiem is a horror themed shooter taking place in hell, which is depicted as a dark gothic medieval world. The story begins after Evil takes the main protagonist's soul and endows him with dark powers.

    iRequiem will have you fighting against a horde of zombies and other creatures - don't worry about your weapon of choice as you will be supplied with a mixture of real-world modern weapons like shotguns, grenade/rocket launchers and medieval/fantasy weapons such as bows and crossbows. Along the way you will gain dark magic weapons such as spells, amulets, dark powers and rites.

    - 2 game modes: Campaign and Survival
    - 55 levels in Campaign, unlimited in Survival
    - Kill with 19 insane weapons: Rocket Launchers, Shotguns, Flamethrower, Chain Crossbow, Acid Gun, Stake Gun and more
    - 21 types of dreadful monsters: 5 BIG bosses, 3 Minibosses, 13 regular monsters (Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, Hounds...)
    - Control merciless vehicles: the brutal Hell Machine and Hellicopter
    - Special abilities and upgrades: Dark Powers, Spells, Rites, Amulets, Potions...
    - 11 kill skills: Overkill, Afterburn, Multi-Kill, Carbonize, Smash kill...
    - Extraordinary story, meet Marcus, find out your destiny
    - 40 Achievements, Leaderboards, compete with other players around the world
    - Professional voices by John McCann
    - Amazing visuals and sounds effects
    - Auto-save for your progress
    - Easy to pick up and play, thanks to intuitive controls and tips for beginners
    - Think like a thief and pickpocket monsters for extra gold or potions
    - Action Replay - record your gameplay and watch it later! Watch how you have defeated the boss, completed a level etc.






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