Iris pro 5200 can only save 7w at maximum compare to 750m?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by wdfmph, Jul 20, 2013.

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    I saw a review comparing a iGPU i7-4750HQ and i7 4700HQ/w 750 dGPU. The result is that in idle and CPU only workload, the 4750HQ save ZERO power. When playing crisis 3, which seems to be the maximum power consumption item, iris pro 5200 can save 7w from 750m.

    In the anandtech's test, actually REAL power consumption is NOT measured. the reviewer put nominal TDP on each of the test item, which leads to a misunderstanding that i7/w dGPU consumes 90w power while i7 4950HQ consumes 47w.

    In the 3D game test, i7 4750HQ or 4950HQ is roughly 25% slower than 750M. The difference could be widened to 40% when settings go up.

    I wonder how apple will put this. Some say apple will drop dGPU in rmbp 15 and put Iris pro 5200 in rmbp in it. The result, you save 8% of power but lose 20% of 3D performance? And in lite setting and CPU only settings, you literally have zero performance bump and zero power saving. How can this be called an upgrade?

    For me, if the data of the review is correct, apple should adapt iGPU 4600 and 750M in rmbp 15. If this is the case, what took them so long?

    the link is here, please use google translate
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    the answer is actually 0% battery life change. You're forgetting that apple's battery numbers are based on using the integrated GPU already anyways. Instead, it'll probably be thinner and lighter because it needs less cooling.

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