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    Hi All,

    I want to start doing daily IRL live streams.
    I am looking into two options

    1: Iphone XS Max with the streamlabs app @1080p and a bitrate somewhere between 4000 and 16000 via a LAN adapter instead of WIFI.

    i am scared though that streaming from a iphone + youtube compression over LAN still will give bad results as i am not sure if the iphone/my internet network is going to handle the higher bitrate well to give a better result for the viewers.

    2: My Panasonic Lumix G85 via a Elgato video adapter to OBS, stream deck etc.

    In short option 2 will look better, but require me to maintain a streaming PC with OBS
    (so many things can go wrong with patch updates etc)

    This setup minus what i have now will set me back around 1000 USD including a budget but dedicated OBS stream PC that is hands off for anything else to limit issues and downtime for my daily streams due technical issues. I dont need field of depth or bokeh as my backdrop wont be as far away behind me due space limitations.

    In both situations i will not stream above 1080p. I have a lan adapter on order so i will be testing it out soon to see if it makes the iphone image (based testing on my current iphone 6 plus)

    Currently via wifi it looks horrible, too many artifacts, WIFI inconsistencies and thus connection and quality dropping at times.

    Why i am debating about option 1? Because the autofocus and hunting on the Pana G85 is bad! and if i set it to manual focus i need to be way to idle at my desk to avoid being out of focus. Plus my current kit lens and 25mm 1.7 stops lens are not great for the space i have, i rather not spend another 500/600 dollar on another lens, overall i am not too happy with using my DSLR at events, too much of a hustle it gives fantastic imagery though.

    To combat this i could get a external monitor to monitor myself but that adds more costs to the IRL streaming setup, since the ROI will be more or less none existence with the current youtube ads and monitization, i am less then stoked to invest more money then i already did (Go Pro 7 Black, Pana g85, blue yeti microphone, editing and rendering pc (GTX 1080, Intel I7 blabla) (will go to my wife she wants it lolll)

    Plus i lean towards a super mobile setup of a iphone and a macbook for video stuff i shoot when on the go, which i have done for a long time on the iphone. But i never streamed because of the horrible quality via wifi.

    My question is does anyone here do IRL streams via his/her iphone via a LAN adapter for better Internet performance if so can you please share your channel for me to see the quality.

    Lastly for the Iphone XS what is a good bluetooth external lavelier mic or directional mic? preferable with its own external power source to keep it charged during my streaming sessions.

    PS i will be streaming to Twitch and Youtube (no gaming related content)
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    So i really want to squeeze the best live stream quality out of a iphone XS, via WIFI sucks! so please show me your footage and share your setup (lighnting, external mic, Streaming settings including bitrate over a LAN adapter to iphone.

    I am aiming for reliability and super compact and light, mobile video setup for outdoor events (Iphone)
    I rather dont want to maintain multiple camera`s, computers, film setups, as i want to deliver daily content without burning myself out with many hours of editing, rendering etc as i did in my past youtube channel that has over a milion views, too much trouble for little ROI.

    PS i tried those horrible logitech C920 webcams in the past, sub par quality thats just a no go.
    I did spend a fair bit of time researching and testing. I really hope someone here is a vivid IRL streamer via his/her iphone via the way i mentioned for some more insights.

    PS all these so called tech reviewers/influencers on youtube talk nonsense all the stuff they post is how you can stream from your iphone and tell you its great... welll its not, not at all no one watches your minecraft like livestream full of artifacts and complete lack of detailing/sharpness, its laughable bad how many crappy youtubers are out there talk complete utter bull.

    So i am not looking for a "Ok" solution but just a propper sharp image live stream, and i hope someone has some example for me.

    Thanks all!
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    Planet Earth
    Thanks for the mention. I appreciate it.
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    If you are going to be at your desk and not trying to stream in the go, I am struggling with why you would consider any option but #2 with the G85 and the gear you have.

    Edit: I started the draft before your part 2. I don't stream, so I don't have direct examples for you, but it sounds like you've already outlined all the limitations of trying to stream from an iPhone. IMHO if you're teathering to an Ethernet cable why not just go ahead aND use a laptop? I guess I am not clear if this is a mobile setup or studio setup? Have you looked into SlingStudio as a solution for a mobile setup?
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    Thanks for your reply!

    I have since a short while doing lots of tests with a lan adapter, and it does improve overall quality and stability of the live stream. I currently use streamlabs with and stream to facebook, youtube and twitch at the same time.

    Twitch looks awesome, youtube has quite a bit of compression and facebook looks the worst.
    I am now just take it granted for what it is, as i cant really combat the youtube and facebook compression they add to all video sources. I set it to 1080p at 4000 bitrate that seems to work the best for all 3 destinations as otherwise the stream becomes choppy but that might be the iphone 6 plus i am using now which may have a limit on what it can handle as a video output for its bitrate rather than twitch etc, however they have a hardcap on incoming bitrate so 4000 is around the max it seems across the board for them.

    i hope overtime people will prefer watching via twitch which has a way better image quality. i will look into your suggested solution as well and see if i can go ahead and test that out as well, thank you!

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