is 4G on before activation

Discussion in 'iPad' started by ken987, Mar 23, 2012.

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    Oct 12, 2007
    I have a new Ipad 4G with Verizon. I have not paid the monthly fee yet. It is not activated. I live in Boston and so far no 4g signal anywhere....OR is it not working until you pay.
    In other words...right out of the box..if I'm in a 4g coverage area and it is supposedly working...will the iPad show 4g or will it show 3G no matter what until you activate the monthly service. I'm trying to find out if my 4G is broken before I go to the trouble on signing up for service.
    I have the Enable LTE on ..and the Cellular on and the Roaming on and I'm sure I'm in a good 4G area..but all I get on the iPad is 3G...
    Hoping someone here is in the 4g area and has not paid...and can turn on their cellular and see if it says 3g or 4g...then I would know I have a bum iPad.
    Thanks in advance.
    by the way....Verizon and Apple had NO CLUE how to answer my question.
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