Is 50i better than 25p?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by tcgjeukens, Mar 4, 2008.

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    Question: Is 50i better than 25p? (resp 60i better than 30p)

    A couple of days back I started a thread asking What 1080p camera's are available?

    Shooting scenes containing pan-movements with my HDV 1080i camera* produces artifacts:
    - horizontal pan: vertical lines are jarred/ have saw-tooth edges
    - vertical pan: horizontal lines jitter up/down (they seem alive)

    Knowing 50i is 50 "half frames**" per second, my logic says 25p - 25 "full frames" per second does give a better result ... a result with less artifacts.

    Q: Is this true?
    Q: Is it true that de-interlacing 50i material gives a worse result than shooting 25p native?

    Coen Jeukens

    (*) Sony HDR HC7
    (**) Though the capture rate of 50i is twice of 25p, with movement each half frame captures displacement ... and thus the two half frames together constitute blurred frame.
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    you really didn't need to start a new thread.... this is just a continuation of the other one. *Mods do what you will*

    that being said:

    25p/30p will not have the jaggies as you say it, but when panning/tilting it will "strobe" if you don't slow the movement down.

    de-interlacing 50i just creates a low-resolution version of 25p.

    as for 2 fields creating a "blurred frame", I'm not quite sure you're getting what interlacing is. Each frame is not meant to be shown as a whole, each field is shown in succession. That's why if you actually looked at the footage on a production monitor, you wouldn't see the jagged lines.

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