Is AirPlay blocking common in workplaces?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by willcapellaro, Aug 7, 2013.

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    I am trying to use AirSquirrels's Reflector to mirror my ipod touch screen to my computer over AirPlay at my workplace (to record screen video). Works fine if I set up a hotspot network, doesn't work if I use the regular network. So I'm guessing blocked by firewall. Is that a common thing among PC-loving IT guys?

    If I buy a cheap router or Airport express, I should be fine just having that set up even without internet, right? It will send AirPlay over that router and use the existing wifi for internet.

    If I keep on using the hotspot option, will my mac and ipod touch use the hotspot for internet, or will they still use the real wifi?

    That's a lot... mainly I just need to know if there is anything wrong with what I'm doing, or better ways to achieve it.
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    Ask your work, tell them that you have to do it for work, and get it resolved?
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    No it is that your Wifi and computer will be on separate subnets on the network.

    Airplay is using the Bonjour service to find the necessary devices on the network. Typically this type of traffic won't travel between subnets on a network, even if using a router with no filtering, and is nothing to do with PC vs Mac. It isn't that is being actively blocked simply that never been setup with the neccessary equipment/software.

    Typically have to deploy a Bonjour Gateway on the network for this to work, to allow the different services to be offered across the network.

    More and more companies are offering this type of product now, typically on wifi kit.

    Watch the Video and gives an idea of the issue you are having.

    When you setup a hotspot then one the same network between Computer and iPod, so you don't have the issue.
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    Seattle, WA

    ^^^ This is spot on correct.
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    Airplay didn't work at work, I sent a text to mt IT guy and said make it work. He sent a text back about 15 minutes later and said try it. It worked. They had something blocking it or not configured to make it work.

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