Is Airport Extreme right for me?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Cattywampus_, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. Cattywampus_ macrumors 6502a

    Apr 19, 2006
    Hi there,

    I am looking at buying an Aiport Extreme. This will replace:

    1. A Windows 2000 Server machine acting as internet gateway
    2. Replace a Linksys 54mbps Wirless Access point
    3. Possibly replace a Netgear GS108 8 Port Gigabit Switch

    Now - the Server I think is now redundant as I don't actually use it for anything anymore other than internet gateway. Waste of a computer. I take it that I can set port forwarding up using the Aiport Utility so that I can give certain apps on my computer full access to the internet (i.e. run a server process)? And the AEBS acts as a firewall between my computers and the internet so I don't need to configure any firewalls on my computers?

    Secondly, Obviously the wireless speed is faster. My Macbook, Macbook Pro and ATV will benefit from that as they are all draft N (the Apple TV does have 802.11n right?). So I can push speeds of 5-6MB rather than the typical 2-3 on g. What is the reliablity of the signal? Any known problems?

    And finally - the gigabit ports. My Macbook Pro and Windows machine are wired so I can achieve up to 50mb/sec using my GS108. Is the gigabit switch part of the AEBS up to the latest standards? Again, any known problems?

    The Apple website says 1 Gigabit port for WAN and 3gbit LAN. Can the 4th port be used for LAN as well?

    Can I link my GS108 and the AEBS using one of the ports one each unit - to give me more ports?

    I am also connecting a Virgin Media Motorola SB4100 cable modem to it. I currently connect it using the RJ45 connection. Will this connect ok or does the modem HAVE to be a USB modem? I am sure it works on both ports but just incase.

    I think that is all my questions. Many thanks for your answers.
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    Apr 14, 2007
    Yes. The Extreme needs to be restarted after the configuration has been changed though. Not really a problem if you configure port forwarding and stick with it, but annoying if you want to modify the settings often.

    The AppleTV is 11n, yes. For real world speeds, 5-6MB/s is no problem in my setup at least. If you get 2-3MB/s with G, you probably will get great speeds with N too.

    I haven't experienced any reliability problems with the signal or connection.

    Absolutely not if you want to use it as a firewall/router.

    Yes, just connect it to one of the three LAN ports.

    Actually, the modem mustn't be an USB modem. Ethernet is what's needed.
  3. Cattywampus_ thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Apr 19, 2006
    Thanks for your answers.

    How long does a reboot take? Do you have to physically restart it with a switch or can you restart it from the computer?

    I haven't experienced any reliability problems with the signal or connection.[/QUOTE]

    When transfering to my ATV from my Mac it typically goes between 2400-3000KB/sec. So will hopefully get some nice speeds with this :)

    Do you mean cause there would be no way to connect it to a modem via Ethernet? So what you mean is - you can not use a USB modem with the AEBS?

    Excellent! :)

    To reiterate the above reply - you can catagorically confirm you can't use a modem through the USB port?

    Many thanks.

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