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Oct 28, 2020
So I am just about to improve my overall workflow on my MacBook and in another thread someone helped me out a lot with the suggestion of AltTab, which solves a lot of problems I had with window management on MacOS.
However, I also want to give the App "Alfred" a try. I am actually quite satisfied with Spotlight, and so far I do not see a lot of features which could help my workflow (at least the free version), but if I could figure out some things, it might be:

so far, Alfred is pretty default in my settings. I changed some shortcuts, so that when I type 'yt ..' or 'm ..' or 'g ..." I directly search on yt = youtube, m = maps, g = google for the things I am looking for.
When I press Cmd + Space + another time Space, I also can look for files. And it is indeed faster than Spotlight.

But I am still missing some important features:
Is it possible to the above searching on certain websites also with Chat GPT? So I can write f.e "gpt how to ...." and it opens me directly ChatGPT? (I guess it is not so easy since I have to login /validate the login everytime first?"?

Can I, like in Spotlight, also look for certain words in f.e. Apple Notes file? I have a lot of text in my Apple Notes, and in Spotlight when I search for a certain term/word/sentence it normally shows me exactly the Note it is in. I do not want to mess up with the "find all files" settings in Alfred, because it would slow down everything drastically, but is there a possibility to look into files with an extra shortcut, like CMD + Space + "s" or something? Just like I can with CMD + Space + Space with filenames?

In Spotlight I find it very helpful, to just type "10 EUR in DOLLAR" and I get a result directly in the Spotlight results, without being redirected to a website or whatsoever.
The same goes for checking the weather. In Alfred if I type weather Copenhagen it only leads me to a Browser window to Google.

So far this is all I am looking for, but it might be another feature in the future :)
Thank you!
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