Is anyone considering going to Open Source?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by steviem, May 2, 2009.

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    May 26, 2006
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    I'm just wondering this, as although I love OSX and my iPhone, sometimes I feel like I'm entrusting Apple with too much (and my inner sysadmin/open source person is crying out).

    The other thing is I have a Dell server/desktop computer that I'm running OSX on and although it runs pretty well and I bought Leopard for it, I feel slightly guilty when I use it.

    The main thing holding me back is my iPhone at the moment. I can install ubuntu onto my MacBook until I get an NC10 or something similar, but whilst I have an iPhone and am unable to get it to sync with Songbird or anything in Linux, I'm not changing.

    If I change to something like an HTC Magic (or anything running Android) I won't have to re encode my movies or tv to mp4, but I don't know of any programs like iTunes for video management, and I like the way that it knows what I haven't watched yet.

    I would also get a couple of eeeBoxes, one for the living room and another for my car, and find a way to have the phone control them.
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    You have to entrust somebody with stuff at some point. Be it a large group of random people that make the Linux distro, or a large group of random people that make OS X. Sure it's open source but are you actually going to read it all to make sure it's trustworthy?

    I guess I don't understand what's wrong with trusting one over the other. And what are you trusting them with?
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    Considering a Samsung I7500 right now. I was considering a Treo Pro mainly because of the keyboard - but my girlfriend asked "Do you really need a keyboard?" While it would be nice, the Samsung 5MP with Flash sounds better hardware wise. I just wished Android had a file browser and could download any file type.
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    Dec 5, 2007
    Other than the fact you said the word Android in your post, what does it have to do with the topic?
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    I've considered it...but honestly, the price of uploading all my iTunes music, the effort to load up Ubuntu to exactly as I like it, plus buy a new phone...its a lot of work, and I think the end result would be a computer experience worse then the current one I have.

    Another big thing is, I've become much better with OS X then I have ever been with any distro of Linux(or Windows for that matter)

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