Is anyone else considering getting an X for its size?

Anthony T

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Jul 10, 2008
I have a 7 Plus 128GB and I really have no reason to spend the money to get the new iPhone X. However, a big downside to having my 7 Plus is its size. It's a little too big for me at times, and I would've downgraded to a regular 7, but I didn't want to lose the extra features that come with the Plus models.

However, that all changes with the X. We now get the bigger display in a body size closer to the 4.7" models with all the extra features. It's a perfect medium, and I'm considering getting the X for this reason. A big drawback for me though is no Touch ID and having to choose between 64 and 256GB (128 is perfect for me). But I think I just might pull the trigger on the X.

Anyone else?


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Dec 20, 2016
Yes, that is one factor. The plus size is too big. It used to be unbearable for me since the previous Pluses were too slippery but my Jet Black is easy to use with no case. But I can’t wait for a smaller form factor.
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Jul 1, 2008
Bostonian exiled in SoCal
A bigger screen and better camera without the bigger size is my top reason for getting the X. The Plus sizes are simply too big for me, and it pisses me off that I can’t get the premium options on the non-Plus iPhones.

The X is the answer.

I’m also looking forward to Face ID. :)
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Jun 25, 2010
Los Angeles, CA
After three years on the plus sized iPhones the smaller size (w/o a smaller screen) of the X is the main reason I want to try it. I’m not sold on the lack of home button / Touch ID yet but there’s always the 14-day window to return it. I was driving today with my 6S+ in a holder and realized that the double tap of the home button to switch apps is not going to be an option on the X.
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Jun 25, 2003
That's one of the main reasons I'm getting the X. Otherwise, I would have kept my 7 Plus or upgraded to an 8 Plus.


Oct 16, 2017

Since having an idea of the X's dimensions many months ago, YES!

Google Pixel: 143.8 x 69.5 x 8.5 mm
Apple iPhone X: 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm

I enjoyed the hand-in-feel of the 5" Pixel but hated the huge top and bottom bezels. Those dimensions above seems like a sweet spot for me but where X beats the Pixel is no onscreen buttons which makes the keyboard smaller thanks to gesture control.

X also has 0.8" bigger display, Telephoto, and water/dust resistance that my Pixel lacked. Reason why I sold it was I figured the X would be a far more suitable replacement. Only issue could be weight. My Pixel was 143g while V20 and X are both at 174g.

Phones taller than 145mm height and 75mm width gets annoying after awhile to hold and carry around. Apple nailed the perfect sweet spot and X has same screen size as S8 and still is shorter. Enough bezel to type on without being curved or truly edge-to-edge.

Perfect middle ground. Should feel great again for one-handed use if coming from a Plus model or any phablet taller than 155 mm. Nomore surfboard phones!



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Oct 23, 2017
I think the X is a great size. It’s not super tall for most hands and it’s not that hefty. It shouldn’t be that overwhelming for the 4.7 users.


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Sep 15, 2009
Count me in. Going from a 7+ I'm really looking forward to having a (almost) plus-sized screen in a smaller body.


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Sep 26, 2014
Now that I have an AW, gps only, the smaller size works for me because I can slip it in a waist belt while walking and not have a huge plus size phone to carry around. And I agree about wanting the “better” features in a smaller phone.

the future

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Jul 17, 2002
Getting the dual camera in a „normal“ sized iPhone is the only reason for me to get the X. If the regular 8 had this, I would totally get an 8. Hell, if my jet black 7 had it, I would use it till it falls apart as I like the design better than all 8s. Bigger screen and OLED are nice, I guess, but I don‘t care very much. But as I absolutely want that camera and the Plus models are humongeous (tried the 6s plus for a year, hated it), the X it is, price be damned.
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May 3, 2009
Yes, that's that biggest temptation for me, I get nearly the same screen real estate in the X as I do in the plus but the form factor is closer to the non-plus phone
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Apr 7, 2016
The Netherlands
Yes, that's that biggest temptation for me, I get nearly the same screen real estate in the X as I do in the plus but the form factor is closer to the non-plus phone
And as @the future states: getting the dual camera in a normal sized iPhone. These two are the main reasons for me to upgrade.

Also still rocking the iPhone 6 today. It has seen better days.
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Sep 20, 2012
Still on a 6 but did try 8+ for a couple of weeks when it was released. It was great but a little to big when putting in my pocket. I personally wish the X was a little bigger. Will be ordering one tomorrow and will see how it feels.


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Apr 20, 2009
Absolutely changing from the Plus to the X because of the size. Seems perfect. Should be much easier to carry in the pocket.


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Mar 5, 2012
Right behind you
The X is beautiful. Nothing wrong with my 7+ so I will be sitting this one out and looking forward to the 2018 X. I guess I am in the minority as I love the larger feel of the 7+. Hoping for an even bigger X in 2018. Imagine a screen the size of the 7+.


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Nov 30, 2013
I love the size of the Plus, I've had every Plus model to date (minus the 8Plus) but I want the X simply because I always have to have to latest and greatest. I also have an iPhone 6s, so it will be weird going back to a phone of that size, but the "all screen" on the X is going to be worth it. However, I am very excited for a future X-Plus... that is my ideal phone


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Dec 23, 2008
yes i am....having the plus size iphones since the 6....time for a change and something that fits in the pocket better but has a bigger screen than the plus


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Mar 22, 2010
I really have a hard time with the 7+. Love the camera but hate the size. Hopefully the X will be the perfect size.


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Mar 7, 2015
I’m temped by the X for the same reason, but I’m unlikely to buy one because (a) it’s £999 and (b) I’m banned from buying new Apple products for two years.

I really like the 7+ screen size (I’m old and appreciate the bigger screen) but I am sometimes irritated by its weight. The X might be the sweet spot, although I’m not super clear how much actual, useful extra screen you’re getting compared with a regular 7 or 8.

I also really want an Apple Watch 3 so that I wouldn’t have to carry my iPhone with me at all times, which would ameliorate the weight issue. But, again, I’m banned from new Apple products for two years.