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Jan 11, 2012
The title pretty much says it all. I have noticed this happening with most - but not all - sites on which I have log-ins. In addition, often when I do log-in I’m told there has been a security error, refresh the page and try again. That always works. This has only happened with maybe the last couple of updates of iPadOS 16. I’ve already searched the web - including Apple’s community site - and none of the suggestions work. I have not changed any of my settings. A couple of other iOS users who I know report the same thing on both iPhone and iPad. I’m trying to determine if the issue is an iOS update or something being employed by outside websites.


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Dec 22, 2019
I’m bumping this one because I’m having pretty much the same issue, minus the “security error”. I don’t use my iPad that often, so I don’t mind logging back in via FaceID, no issue there.
When I click on a sub forum, I usually do “CMD-click” to open that sub on a separate tab, but then the site says “Howdy Stranger” and I have to log in again. But, if I just click directly on a sub forum, it works fine and I stay logged in, and then I just need to hit the Back arrow to go back to the main forum (still logged in). Obviously I can work this way, but I don’t have this issue on my laptop (and I don’t surf on my phone so no idea if it’s an iOS issue).
Any ideas?
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