Is Apple a victim of its own success?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by RebelScum, Oct 17, 2007.

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    Apple market share is gaining. Apple had a 30% sales increase in its computer division last year, up from 8% the year before. They are now 3rd behind HP and Dell in the home computer market. The iPod is the most popular, and certainly the most ubiquitous, MP3 and Mdeia player on the market, bar none, despite the fact that there are many players available that do more and cost less. APPL continues an almost meteoric climb, hiccupping (it seems) only around Apple Keynote Addresses, during with speculation is piqued and "Ohhh, I don;t know about THAT" talk is running rampant. All this seems to bode well for the little company from Cupertino that really owes all its success by innovation to Xerox...but that's another rant. And almost without excepton, Apple product has been rock-solid...hardware-wise, at least. Say waht you will about teh software, scream to the heavens to FTFF, drone on and on and on on blog after blog after blog about the endless battle between Indows and OSX...the products themselves were well-built and seldom failed.

    But that seems to be changing. More and more I read about faulty hardware on thread after thread. I keep seeing pix of iPod Touches being unboxed, already on, and in factory settings mode. These neded to be returned. iPhones have faulty screens that don;t register touches across the lower 3rd. Of course the argument here is that these are brand new technologies and are bound to be quirky,and to that I say fair let's look at the iMac. The new Aluminum machine, which I love and adore, has a power supply that runs around 85º C. The glass cover on the screen is not airtight, causing dust and condensation to accumulate inside it. The scfreen itself is often poorly installed, causing brown spots and ripple effects. None of these issues were particularly prevalent in the last generation least, not that I found wiht a casual search. and what of the iPod? The last person's post I read about the condensation issue with his iMac also complained that the iPod Nano he ordered with it also arrived with a faulty clickwheel and had to be replaced as well. And while I can't reference it, I seem to remember some stink about the hardware in the iPod Classic failing.

    Is Apple getting sloppy? Are the standards to which they've become accustomed no longer attainable? With success comes volume, and with volume comes cut corners, I suppose...but I'm pretty sure we all expected a little more from Apple. Hopefully this seemingly tremendous amount of issues is soley due to releasing a marathon of new products and updats in such a short timespan, and things will get back on track soon. If not...well, I'm sure Linux has plans on some level to enter the home computer market in the next few years.
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    hardly anyone posts " WTF!!??, my Apple product is perfect!,"
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    In short, no. Apple has essentially doubled its computer market share during the last couple of years. They've sold over 100 million iPods and now over a million iPhones. More products and more customers equals more complaints. Is poor sales a better strategy? No, not the way most of us who stuck with Apple through thick and thin recall it. We've seen failure. Success is better.

    As for Apple owing "all of its success and innovation to Xerox," this is just a persistent myth.
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    Ubuntu is the best try at fact its pretty good, but most people are buying Windows anyway when they buy a PC (its a real hassle not to) and so don't bother...
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    At some point you must stop and use your brain. Just how long do you think that an iPod touch battery will last while powered up? Most certainly not long enough to reach the customer in that state. Think.

    If Apple had 10% of the problems that people on forums like this one bitch and moan about, the company would be out of business. Several years ago, I made the mistake of spending a lot of money in preparation for converting my hard drive to HFS+. My conversion could not have gone smoother. I converted several other computers with nary a hitch. So long as you treat your Apple product as though Apple knew what it was doing when it put it together, you are not going to have a problem. And if you have a problem, then you can expect Apple to handle it.

    However, some people like to bitch and moan because it ratifies their existence. But just because somebody is all hot and bothered doesn't mean they have anything to be hot and bothered about.
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    I think Apple suffer from quality issues, just like any other company.
    Remember they don't manufacture all the components so if suppliers have quality issues too that get passed on to Apple and they're the ones who get the sh*t.
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    Actually, I more find myself to be the victim of Apple's success.... :p
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    In my experience the faulty products tend to find the same people over and over, as if by magic. I can think of one fellow who has had horrible repair problems on a new Harley Road King, a new Gold Wing, a new Cadillac, a new Toyota Avalon, and another car I can't remember. I'm talking "five different problems, each requiring several shop trips and consultation with factory service representative".

    Much of it due to the fact that he is retired, has a lot of time, and actually likes spending time at the dealership. So he "notices" things... when you compress the front fork, does the gaiter on the left side sort of pucker, while the one on the right side doesn't? Is that because it's too tight? Is it going to lead to premature wear? Shouldn't Harley rebuild the front forks under warranty? Did this scratch on the tip of the front fender happen while it was in the shop? Touchup?!?!? I didn't pay $20k to have touchup paint on a brand new bike, I want a new set of painted parts from the factory... front fender, rear fender, and tank all matching. Ever since they replaced the tank, my fuel gauge drops to 1/4 tank real fast then takes forever to go to E, is the sender in there right? Can the tech run a tank of gas through it to see if it happens to him? I didn't pay $20k for a bike with a bad fuel gauge. Did the tech run over something on the test ride, there is a nick in the final drive belt that wasn't there before, what if it breaks while I'm on the highway?


    And it happens to Mac users too, I hate to say, and few of them will admit that they have horrible product experiences and horrible customer service experiences routinely.

    Remember the lady that smasher her macbook screen and made the big fuss at the Apple store? Do we really believe that's the first store that's had to call security on her for twisting off?
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    I have had a couple macs over the years:

    Centris650: no issues
    PowerMac 9500: faulty motherboard
    Powerbook G3: no issues
    Powerbook G4 revB: no issues
    MacBook: random shutdown issue (fixed), memory lever broke off, superdrive has major problems burning DVDs, computer shuts off when battery reaches ~10% charge.

    Not sure if quality is going down or if I was just unlucky on that last one, but I will definitely stay away from 1st gen Apple products in the future. On the bright side, Macs are a lot cheaper than they used to be...
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    In the 27 years I've been buying Apple products, the only problem was a failed hard drive. And that's hardly Apple's fault; they didn't manufacture the drive, and it was nearly six years old at the time.

    Forum complaints are really just folks expressing difficulties or frustration at a personal event (in some cases self-inflicted), and not representative of the hundreds of thousands of units actually deployed. Not to say that the problems aren't real, they just can't be taken as indicative of a greater issue. Random independent surveys have shown over & over that Apple product quality is as good or better than every other PC manufacturer out there.
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    I think the OP makes a good point. I've owned iPods before they really began to explode on the market, and recently, I bought an iPod touch that had to be returned 6 times due to stuck pixels. I know they don't make the screens...but that's poor QC if I've ever seen it. I'm still very loyal to Apple, though.
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