Is Apple going to stick with nVidia or finally switch to ATI?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Hellhammer, Jan 7, 2010.

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    Dec 10, 2008
    So, today ATI finally released their Mobile Radeon 5000 series which is looking VERY promising. iMacs moved to almost ATI-only with last update as the base model is the only one with 9400M and other models have either ATI 4670 or 4850. Would the notebooks follow the same protocol now? nVidia has had a lot problems with their GPUs in the past (8600M GT) and future doesn't look any better. nVidia also released "new" GPUs this week, the GeForce 300M series which is just renamed 200M series.

    I really hope Apple switches back to ATI as they are a lot better.

    ATI Mobile Radeon 5470 would be great for MacBook and lower-end MBPs as its TDP is only 15W (GDDR5) or 13W (DDR3) and 9400M's TDP is 12W. 5750 would be ideal for 15" and low-end 17" and 17" would possibly have an option for 5850. Does this sound good to you?:cool:
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    nVidia is becoming fail imo, Their chips are starting to fall behind with the ATi counterparts (unless you go all out). However, the one thing I really like about nVidia is CUDA. ATi has something similar but I never tried it.

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