Is Apple interested in Tesla? For iPhone and the environment

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by DBZmusicboy01, Jul 16, 2014.

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    Think about it...Apple is becoming more of a environmental friendly company.
    Simplicity..So that everyone can learn easily. The iPhone would work perfectly on those cars with it's huge screen. Maybe with future Apple maps the car can drive itself to places.
    With the new apple campus and the iWatch.
    Apple is very interested in health and nature.

    Tesla is the Apple of cars.
    Tho it's still growing but Apple changed everything once the first iPhone came out.
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    I am confused. Your titles seems to indicate that you are wondering if apple is interested in buying Tesla? If so, I don't see that happening. Totally different market in whcih apple has no expertese at all which doesn't bolster apple's core business. Car integration with apples software can happen on multiple brands with car play, so whats the point of owning one car company with a miniscule market share.

    Tesla is the apple of cars? I'm not sure what that means exactly. Why, cause people like them?

    What does health and nature have to do with a car? Cause its electric? Because tesla is "green". Thats pretty shaky grounds for owning another company.

    Its not going to happen.
  4. cynics macrumors G4

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    How is Apple environmentally friendly? The very first thing I'd look for in an environmentally friendly electronic product is a user removable battery for ease of recycling. Then see if it's made with recycled material. Then what methods were used to produce that product.

    Lol 0/3 so far. We could keep going but what's the point.
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    I commend them for what they've done with there US based offices and data centers. But to call a hardware company that outsources all of there manufacturing overseas and produces the products they do environmentally friendly is quite the stretch. People in general are easily won over by things like this.

    BP is environmentally friendly too in that regard.

    I think once their sapphire manufacturing operation is set up this will be called a bit more into question.

    I'm a service technician that does mechanical work for the government and all renewable energy (solar) comes down to money. Tax incentives and energy credits. If my house wasn't so shaded I'd definitely consider solar, the impact of the environment however would be at the bottom of my list just like the other 90% of people that buy it.
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    I'm a HUGE Tesla fan and I believe that they are the cars of the future. When the model 3 comes out in 2017 I am planning on making it the first car I ever purchase brand new. Apple is not a green company by any stretch and after the model 3 comes out apple won't be able to afford to buy Tesla
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    that price range! :eek: 2017 is too far away, I need a car in 2015 or 2016 :(

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