Is Apple Music ready for me to use the way I want to use it?

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    I would love to start using Apple Music and adding albums to my library through subscription instead of buying albums individually, but I've held off until now due to the nightmares some people have had with their libraries and integration between Apple Music and their local library with iCloud Music Library.

    My hope is that with the newest iTunes, iOS 10 and the year that Apple has had to improve Apple Music that now may be the time to try Apple Music to integrate new albums from Apple Music with my existing library.

    I do most of my listening via smart playlists (randomized playlists combining my favourite rated tunes, with newly acquired music, with music I haven't listened to in a long time, etc.) and would like to have the Apple Music albums that I add to my library integrated into that smart playlist approach as I do for the rest of my library, including ratings. Is anyone doing this successfully?

    Can anyone comment on this list of things that are holding me back:
    - I want to download playlists for offline use on my devices rather than use my data plan to stream
    - I'm worried that iCloud Music Library will overwrite my tags
    - I'm worried that iCloud Music Library will play the wrong versions of my songs when I download for offline use

    I'm seeking some experiences from the community on whether Apple Music is usable as I've described above, if I should continue to wait it out for a few more months before trying Apple Music, or if I should just give up on trying to integrate.

    Thanks for reading and for your help.

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    My 2 cents on your questions:
    1. This shouldn't be an issue - the functionality is there (but for your reference downloaded content os not synchronised across devices, so lets say you download a playlist on your iPad, it will not automatically download on your iPhone - and if you replace your iPad for a new one you will have to download it again)
    2. This was a significant problem for me at the beginning (many occurrences of covert arts replaced by the wrong one, songs renamed, songs retagged as part of another album, etc). It seems to be much better now. But in my experience this is not flawless yet and just yesterday I noticed that some songs of an album I had added to my library from Apple Music had been retagged as part of compilation albums which include the same song, so Apple Music effectively broke its own tags.
    3. This was a genuine concern but to my knowledge Apple is gradually moving accounts from matching based on song names to matching based on audio fingerprint, which will hopefully address the issue.

    You might also be interested in knowing about an annoying issue I and others have had with their own music becoming unavailable on iOS devices if tracks get matched by Apple Music and are subsequently removed from the service:

    In short: the functionality for what your want to do is there, but reliability still is an issue in some cases (though better than it used to be). Only go ahead if you are OK with a little bit of maintenance work once in a while, keep a back of your library before subscribing to Apple Music, and do monitor it in the first few months to see if anything gets broken. It's not horrible and is probably worth a try if you are OK with a few glitches, but if you treasure your library and can't tolerate any type of corruption of your tags, you might want to avoid it for now.

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