Is Apple screwing us? (EDU iPod Promotion)

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Earendil, Oct 20, 2006.

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    Oct 27, 2003
    So my younger siblings, triplets (so they're all the same age ;) ) just entered college this year as freshmen. With our family being big Apple buffs, they all saved and saved for MacBooks, the lowest end they could get.

    However two of them were short, so my parents forked out a few hundred to help them along, and to pay for the iPod until they could get the rebate turned in.

    Now even though they all ordered their Machines between Aug 18 and Aug 28, they are only just now getting a response from Apple regarding their rebates. What's the response?

    "We aren't going to send you a rebate because a rebate as already been sent to this address".

    Damn the fine print. Apparently there is only "one" promotion per household... This kind screws over twins and especially triplets, doesn't it? The great thing is I believe all the MacBooks were shipped to different address, and paid for with different debit cards. They must be machine the address on the cards together, because obviously they all still have the same home address.

    Best part is no one has even received a rebate yet. And that response from Apple was sent to my brother, who ordered his FIRST.

    All this after my poor sister had a huge shipping problem with her iPod and MacBook, where they decided to ship the iPod before the MacBook, because they claimed her credit card failed. Well it went through 2 days later, but by then it was two different shipments, and because of that they aren't going to give her the Rebate! :mad:
    God bless my sister, she got on the phone with Apple and demanded it, and kept going up and up their ranks until she finally got someone willing to give her a 100$ gift certificate. That's the best she could do. Pile of %^&*.

    So what do you think their chances are of taking this to Apple and getting them to run it? As it stands they were already strapped in order to take an Apple laptop to college, but were expecting that $180 rebate to come to them sometime soon. They never would have gotten the iPods if it weren't for the promotion. Anyone else remember how valuable $180 was in college? :(

    Any advice or experience would be very welcome.
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    I feel your pain. My brother lived with my wife and I this summer while he interned for a company over the summer. We told him he could live with us to save some money.

    We both bought macbooks and we both had our rebates sent to my address.....even though he has a house in another the way, the apple store employees told us to have them sent to our address and failed to mention anything about the fine print.

    So, he only got a letter telling him he couldn't get his money.
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    Call Apple and explain, at the very least you should get 1 of the rebates.

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