is Apple telling the truth ?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Tech198, Jan 22, 2013.

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    Is Apple lie-ing to us users ?

    Apple abandons iDVD (no where near as professional al Final cut Pro Studio, but kind of a mid-range), while iDVD does not do all the stuff Final cut Pro does, it does so some good DVD authoring. So basically Final cut probably could be seen as iDVD and iMovie put together as a simpler level.

    Also, now DVD Studio (part of Final Cut Studio) has gone, Apple reduced price down to $300...

    That's a $1,200 difference form $1,500 price tag originally. Apple must have taken more stuff out than just DVD Studio for that price.

    And now ........ Apple has turned its back on the "Pro market" by delaying the Mac Pro till the end of 2013 (at least this is what Tim says)

    The truth is ..... I don't believe in this......... Apple lies just for market share, then when they get people in the palm of their hands, they change direction.

    Sure. everyone at Apple may be using the Pro stuff, but the guys at the top sure aren't. They are just glad to get the profit from their Pro software that people are still paying for

    This only makes sense, since Apple comes out with software one minute, make a good profit from it, like Final Cut Studio, then take an important feature out that everyone would use..

    iDVD makes no sense....... Particularly when all other Ilife apps are on the Mac App Store, *except* iDVD

    If thats not a direction change, I dunno what is.

    ....... (almost makes ya wanna go to Windows doesn't it )

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