Is Apple Watch Best Tool for Tracking My Children?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by HappyDude20, May 7, 2019.

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    I’m wondering if something like Apple Watch can provide peace of mind. Ideally I’m looking for something that I can check my kids location throughout the day. I’m usually the first one out the door in the morning and last one to arrive late at night. Knowing that my kids are at school during school hours is important which is why I’m considering getting them the Apple Watch.

    Ideally I’m wondering about the emergency services feature. Should, god forbid, ever something where my kids are being held up and are forced to surrender their Apple Watch I’m wondering if any sort of notification can be sent out to us the parents.

    Or if I’m thinking of some other sort of device altogether.
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    I live in an area where I don't feel the need to track my kids, but I can see you live in LA so I won't passs any judgment. I told my daughter that when she got an iPhone, she had to have the find myiphone enabled.. Mostly so she could find it if she lost it. But I have used it in the evening if she docent pick up the phone to see if she is at a friends house or hanging out outside. It did give us a big scare once when it looked lie she was quite a bit away from our house. The a bit later she was somewhere else in a town nearby, it took a while before we realised she was in a car. A bit of a panic, because she said she was going to a friends house after school and play there. She was around 10 I think.
    We couldn't reach her or friend for what felt like a long time, but in the end it turned out that she had been at the friends house all the time, but she had left her phone (by mistake) in the parents car and the mother went shopping.
    PS The mother didn't pick up when we tried to call her.

    So it can give you anything but peace of mind trying to track your kids....

    I think an Apple watch would work well for the purpose, better than a phone
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    What does the Watch achieve that the iPhone does not?

    I can't think of a way the Watch could notify you that it's been removed. You need to take it off to charge it. Won't be allowed it during school tests and what not. Probably not the best for PE. So you'd need the ability for the child to message you. At which point it's just a text message. But if the Watch has been stolen then I imagine the iPhone is gone too.

    If you're worried about your children's safety to this level (I don't live in your area, so I don't know how bad it is), then putting an expensive Watch on their wrist is perhaps not the best idea.
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    I’d say your request is rather strange to be honest. And the Apple Watch is not the form of electronic device you want to track your children, being it is dependent on the iPhone, aside from the LTE model. I won’t make suggestions with what I think you should do to track your children, but the Apple Watch is _not_ that product, nor was it intended to be.
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    Would your kids be able to wear it to school? I am a librarian and our kids can have smart watches but they can't have their phones accessible during the day. There's also times during testing when they cannot have access to it. I am administering a standardized test today and I can't have my phone or watch. I will go in with my laptop, but I can only have Google Hangouts open and that is so I can message the testing coordinator if there is an issue.

    I have location sharing enabled with one of my friends via my phone. My mother knows to contact her if I turn up missing. I am in my twenties and live alone. Obviously I don't want my parents knowing where I am at every minute of every day, but I don't mind sharing with my friend for safety reasons. I can also see her location.

    I shared my location with my mom the last time I came to visit her. I live three and a half hours away from her. When I pulled into her driveway, she was standing outside looking at her phone. She had watched the little dot move as I was driving down the road once I got close and was out there to see me pull up... I was like yep this is why you don't have access to my location every day. It was hilarious though.

    It wouldn't be the main reason I'd buy an Apple Watch or iPhone, but it certainly is a handy function to be able to track locations through the devices.

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