is atlanta becoming a video game maker hub?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by furcalchick, May 16, 2008.

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    this story came across to my attention to me earlier today: Georgia law aims to lure video game makers and combined with rumors that the governator is trying to raise taxes for california businesses (where alot of us gaming companies are located now) which could drive them out of the state, could there be a movement to atlanta for many video game companies?

    another question is how did atlanta become a video game maker hub in the first place? i didn't really see atlanta as a place where game makers would locate, but i know atlanta has a bit of a history with video games.

    and i end with a question: will a young person seeking a video game job in the south do better making the short relocation to atlanta and hope the industry booms over there (via migration) or go to the west coast where it's stable? thanks in advance.
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    Not sure about Atlanta being the new video game hub, but I do know Atlanta is a crime ridden city with crumbling infra structure. Murders and shootings are so routine no one bats an eye, 1000's of cars stolen in the metro area every month. Traffic sucks and the weather is horrible. High pollen counts in the spring, hot and humid in the summer.

    I wouldn't move here on a bet. Seriously, I can't wait to leave this state. Check out the cities newspaper online. (The AJC) Unless you have a definite job, I wouldn't come here on the hope of it becoming the video game boomtown.
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    France does something similar, IIRC they gave game developers a big tax break to put them in line with other art media.

    I like the idea. Even more so that I'm currently working on a game for a studio in Atlanta. I don't know if I'll feel any benefits from this but it'd make it an easier choice in moving out there, should the opportunity arise. Either that or move to the Texas studio, and I'm British! I'll be fried alive.
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    Mar 11, 2005
    The only things I can associate with Atlanta are Delta, that congested airport, CNN, Coke, coke, and crime.

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