Is background app refresh really that much of a battery killer?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Shawzborne, Mar 31, 2014.

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    Jun 12, 2013
    Is background app refresh really that much of a battery killer?


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    I posted this in another thread, but it deals with the same topic:

    This is how background refresh works based on the session they had at WWDC you can view it at: I know this reply is going to be long so here goes.

    In iOS 6 only a selected few type of applications can run in the background or program tasks in the background:
    Background Audio (Music apps like, Spotify can run in the background)
    VoIP (Like Skype)
    Newsstand Apps
    Location Services which includes: Region Monitoring, Significant Location Changes, and Continuous Location Monitoring. I think Reminders use this when using GeoFencing.

    In iOS 7 apps can continue to update there content in the background without sacrificing much battery life. Apps can take advantage of a new API called, 'Background Fetch'. For example let's say you social networking app you may notice that when your app becomes frontmost, you refresh your feed. And the user has to wait for that feed to be updated which is not the best user experience. Now with Background Fetch your social media app can update it's content before the user returns to your app, in this case the feed.

    Some key points about Background fetch:
    System-scheduled fetch
    Coalesced across applications (Saving a lot of battery life)
    Adapts to actual usage patterns on device
    Sensitive to energy and data usage
    Indifferent to actual app running state
    Background fetch adapts to how you use your device. So say for instance you check Facebook every morning at 7:00 AM iOS will notice this and will try to give the app an opportunity to fetch content before 7:00 AM. It also coalesces fetches across apps so it doesn't drain to much power it even, avoids frequent fetching during periods of inactivity and when you have a low signal on your phone.

    Remote Notifications

    You may have noticed in the previous versions of iOS say, you got a message on Facebook and a notification pops up on your lock screen, and you swipe to you it there is a delay before the app downloads the message. Well in iOS 7 in Remote Notifications simply put is downloaded before you even receive the notification.
    I have noticed in iMessage on iOS 7 the app is in the background, and I receive a message the app snapshot is updated, this also happens when the user is composing a message. I think that covers most of it, and I hoped I help in some way. Looking forward to your reply.
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    Jun 12, 2013

    I think that was the best reply I have ever received so basically to simplify your answer background app refresh is amazing and doesn't affect your battery life as much as the internet (thinks they know).

    I'm gonna turn it on and see what happens
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    I have it turned off because I worry about data usage. Sure I have wifi at home and at school, but I don't at my part time job or during my hour and a half commute for school. You still get notifications for Facebook and stuff, but I don't need my news feed to be refreshed constantly.
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    Nov 15, 2011
    Thanks for this. I enabled it for every app after reading this. Previously, I only had it enabled for Tweetbot, but if it doesn't really stress the battery I'm okay with it.

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