is bluetooth shielding and luck the only option?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by dapitts08, May 2, 2013.

  1. dapitts08, May 2, 2013
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    so i bought the ministack and love the idea and form factor but am sending it back because it interferes with my wifi.

    i called owc and they pretty much told me shielding is the only option but i am not really interested in pulling out my logic board again.

    i have another drive connected via usb 3.0 (oyen mini pro) and it doesn't seem to be interfering.

    so are there any other options to fix the bluetooth/wifi issue?

    i have ordered a plugable dock to replace the mini stack and am hoping I don't run into the issue with it but wondering your thoughts on ways I can lessen the chance of interference.

    edit: anyone have experience with this enclosure
    thinking about sending my ther oyen back and use it as a replacement for both. i would have to get a new second drive as i was using the 3TB WD red in the ministack
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    so according to this i can put shielding on the actual hard drive? rather than opening up the mac mini and putting it on the receiver? correct?

    if so, anyone have experience with doing this?

    where did you purchase the shielding?

    any tips on wrapping the hard drive with it?
  4. opinio, May 2, 2013
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    I am not sure if the mini stack has esata but if it does you could get a LaCie thunderbolt esata hub. I have one and use it on my newer tech Gmax 8 TB raid 0 drive. It also runs on USB 3. I have tried both options of esata and USB 3 and thy both read and write at around 230 MB/s. if I use it on USB 3 I get interference with the mouse. It only has a range of about 3 feet and then gets sketchy. If I use the Gmax on the esata hub the no interference. But I bought the shield and put it on and now I get no interference on USB either so for me the shield worked. But I do a lot of work on minis that involves pulling them apart so the logic board extraction is easy for me. The LaCie hub gives you two esata so you have good options for some very fast raid 0 set ups. My post is a bit redundant if the stack does not have esata but still, I can confirm for me the shield worked. Having said that, a few people said it did not work on the owc blog.

    Also a third option if esata is available is to get a USB 3 to esata adapter. I have not tried it but it would mean the drive enclosure is not running on USB 3, although you would hav a portion of USB 3 cable that might be emitting emi noise. It would be a cheaper option to 'fail' on if your process of elimination needs to be more budget focused.

    Edit: sorry I just realised you don't have the stack any more so ignore any parts of my post that are irrelevant.


    I haven't tried it but I was contemplating it to line the internal walls of the USB 3 enclosure. I found eBay has a lot of options for the shielding material if any one wants it. Search 'emi shielding tape' or electro magnetic interference shielding. It's fairly cheap. I fixed my problem with the owc shield so I never went ahead with the full shielding the drive option. It looks messy on the intel white paper documents, but if shielding the inside of the enclosure worked then that would be still pleasing on the eye and would not interfere with the HDD its self.

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