Is CMD the Command Button?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Maccle, Sep 18, 2011.

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    Sep 13, 2011
    I've just got my Macbook Pro and loving it so far. There are a couple things to get used to, such as trying to figure out how to uninstall stuff (although I'm sure a quick Google search will fix that :)). However, one thing I've noticed is that there are sometimes shortcuts which require a "command + click". I try pressing the CMD button on either side of the spacebar and clicking, but nothing happens. If I press the CTRL button instead, then it works fine and the correct menu comes up. Is this normal behavior or have I got some terminologies mixed up?
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    control click is the equivalent of right clicking, however, you can simply go into settings and either set a corner of the trackpad to be secondary click, or you can set it up to click with two fingers as secondary click. I have found that to be a good bit easier.
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    To uninstall an app, you can drag it to the Trash. To remove all files and folders related to an app, use the manual method:

    Yes, the CMD button is the Command Button. Apple Keyboard Shortcuts

    From: Helpful Information for Any Mac User
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    Pressing and holding CTRL when clicking something is the equivalent of right clicking and will usually bring up a contextual menu. Command (CMND) click is usually used to select several non-adjacent files. For instance, if I had File1, File2, and File3 on my desktop and needed to only select files 1 and 3 for some reason, I would click on File1 to select it, and then CMND+click on File3 to select it as well. Hope I helped! Let me know if you need anything else!
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    Sep 13, 2011
    Wow, thanks for all the quick replies!
    I'll try out the steps in the uninstallation thread. At the moment, I'm just throwing things in the Trash, but it doesn't feel like I'm getting rid of everything (probably because I'm so used to the Windows equivalent of throwing things in recycle bin). It would be nice if the steps in that post were built in (a job for Automator? :p)
    Thanks again!

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