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Mar 26, 2018
Umea, Sweden
This morning I got some kind of push messages urging me to install an update of the DivX software.
Instead of clicking this message I went to the DivX website and with a certain amount of effort could find a download link to their latest free software (10.8.6).
<> (Link: "Download now")

Started installing it and got to the "Accept User Agreement" stuff and clicked "Accept" once.
I was just fractions of a second from clicking "Accept" once more since it seemed I had to do so. But my eye was caught by a message telling something about "MacKeeper".

I didn’t believe my eyes at first, but it showed that the DivX installer wanted me to accept it installing the MacKeeper software.
Not only that MacKeeper in the Mac community is widely considered a scam with their aggressive and dishonest marketing methods (for a useless crappy software). But independent of whatever bright software it could have been: IT IS NOT acceptable to cheat people to download and install a software where the installer contains something you are not informed about in beforehand.

And, information or not: there is no reason at all promoting installation of the MacKeeper software. Instead, people should be warned against it!

Isn’t DivX a serious company?
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