Is Dropbox new for Lion/ML?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Oldmanmac, Feb 9, 2013.

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    In trying to learn about Dropbox I found a book on OSX 10.5/6. It sounded as though Dropbox was a paid storage site. So, I thought maybe it was something that came in with Lion. Did it?

    Also, where can a beginner learn how to use it?
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    Dropbox works across MacOS X, iOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and Blackberry. Currently, your first 3.5 GB of storage are free. If you need more than 3.5 GB of storage, then you must pay. Your data reside in a local folder on each system on which you have the Dropbox client installed and linked. Your data are also stored on Dropbox's server. When you change data in your Dropbox folder on one device, the change is synchronized across all devices and the Dropbox server. You may access your data on the server by logging into your account on the Dropbox website. As with other filesharing sites, you may share a file in your Dropbox folder by sending the file's Dropbox website URL to those with whom you share.
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    Here, let me Goog...

    Oh wait, that's against the rules.

    Go there, take a look around.
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    The Dropbox service launched in 2008. This page will explain what it is and how it works. It did not come with Lion. It is a separate storage/file sync service run by an outside company (nothing to do with Apple).

    I think what you are seeing in those older books is a reference to a folder in OS X called "dropbox" that was used to share files between user accounts. This folder has nothing to do with the Dropbox service.

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