Is facebook more active then forums now?


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May 31, 2015
Probably for the very old and the very young. Personally, I know very few people who use Facebook a lot.

It just seems like everything is moving to social media nowadays it sucks :(

I never used Facebook before and don't ever plan on it.
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May 3, 2009
No, I'm barely on facebook these days, most of friends are the same way. Not something that I go out of my way to use.


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Mar 3, 2010
I use FB because it’s a good way to know what’s going on in the community. However, any possibility of having a meaningful conversation on controversial topics is somewhat impossible. People fight even on kittie pics.


Sep 24, 2014
North Country (way upstate NY)

It just seems like everything is moving to social media nowadays it sucks :(

I never used Facebook before and don't ever plan on it.
Forums are social media and one of the oldest forms of social media..

My wife and parents like Facebook for different reasons but my kid is more into Instagram. I kinda like twitter and G+ because I can curate it and it can be a one way street.
I use Facebook to organise the stuff for when I don't want to be in front of a screen. I do post some of my diving videos on there, but that's because most of the non-family people I'm connected to are divers I've met through...erm...diving. Can't see the point of using it for anything else. It's not really suited to it.

Twitter used to be fun. It's getting less so. Bit of a moanfest these days.

Hence I signed up to a forum, meaning you all have the pleasure of reading my rubbish.

You're welcome.


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Sep 15, 2011
Vilano Beach, FL
That's an amazing shot of Facebook. Who knew Mark Zuckerberg could drive a bulldozer? :p
Hey, I'm not saying FB is much better, but at least you can setup your own little corner, keep your posts inside a limited zone, and use it to share photos, set up events, get notifications for concerts, etc.

Reddit is a bunch of unfunny f***s. :D


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Jan 4, 2002
I'm not on Facebook, - and nor do I intend to join the platform - so I cannot adjudicate on that.

Now, I am on Twitter.

However, I agree with @AlliFlowers that FB quite possibly appeals to the very old and the very young.
The very young are not bothering with Facebook, I think they moved to Snapchat. (whatever that is)


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Jul 29, 2008
The Far Horizon
I find Twitter handy for keeping up with political stuff both in the countries where I work (and have worked) and at home.

Useful, too, for keeping in touch with a few coffee sites, and some cultural stuff.


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Mar 21, 2011
Australia, Perth
No one of my family users Facebook. I reckon its more active though.... you wouldn't be staying logged into your Facebook account day in day out, but you would with social sites more likely.


Dec 14, 2013
I use Facebook a lot less now than I used to. It's a lot of the exact same posts and those dumb ads on a 30 second video are ludicrous. I'm so sick of them trying to sell me stuff, give money to a random cause some person "donated" their birthday to, and all the reposts of reposts.


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Nov 28, 2013
I enjoy forums, and have done since Usenet days, but many younger people move to Facebook which can kill some forums dead.

For example ... about 8 years ago I moved countries and joined an expat forum. It was great - I would arrange events in my city and loads of people turned up, plus there were always new members to keep the forum feeling fresh (at the expense of repetitive topics). Over the years, the newbies dried up, and the forum was full of "I've just moved here and have no friends" only to never post again.

So I started a local Facebook group. It's full. Loads of people posting all sorts of stuff. The upside is that the Facebook functionality encourages social interaction - less asking questions more chatting about stuff people have discovered or arranging to go out to a museum/bar/hike etc. The downside is that people outside the city don't join, so my events don't grab people from other cities as they would sometimes do before.

So now the forum is full of people who have been there for years, just having in-joke chats, or pushing their political views which haven't changed in years and hence are boring to read. The occasional newbie joins, doesn't understand what's going on, gets "use the search engine it's been asked before" as a (valid but terse) response to any questions and leaves.

Global forums like these are more likely to thrive, especially as tech forums tend to attract people who like to spell out their message rather than just post a picture of their phone and a turd emoji to garner likes.

My concern is that whilst younger (that me) people enjoy Facebook, soon there'll be an even younger set that'll be on something else and the Facebook groups will follow the forums' deaths. Except this time I'll be too old to work out where everyone's gone :)