Is FCPX enough or do I need motion as well?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by illegalprelude, Jun 24, 2011.

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    Hey guys and gals. Question for you, I'm looking at creating some web content and although what I'll be doing is completely different from the following video, I like the incorporation of the text which appears about 15 seconds in.

    Is FCPX (which I purchased 2 days ago) enough for this or is she using motion as well? I know she edits on a MBP. Because I'm currently feeling really limited with the text offering in FCPX and the custom option, I can't seem to make it work properly with certain keyframes (not sure if it's me or a glitch).

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    Motion 5 is a great offering for $50 if you can swing it. Will add a lot of options for you way beyond those in FCP X.

    Most of the effects you see in FCP X are in fact created in Motion by the apple team. Motion has a pretty steep learning curve for most things, but for basic text actions you can pick it up fairly quickly.

    That is some serious work they did on that text in the video. I am fairly new to Motion but that 'shake' of the text effect would have to be some type of standard effect I would imagine.

    Regarding keyframes - here is a nice quick tutorial:

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