Is iPhone 5 worth buying in 2014?

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    Dec 4, 2014
    Hey guys, I've been looking into getting an iPhone. I have gotten into making iPhone apps, and basically I need an ios device. I have an unlocked Tmobile plan, and I really want to stay on that plan. So I need an unlocked device. Anyway, eBay (daily deals) is selling a used unlocked iPhone 5 on ebay for $230, and I really want to spend less that $330. So, given my budget, should I try to find an iPhone 5s, or just pick up a 5? I will probably need one by the end of the month, so maybe there would be an unlocked 5s in the holiday sales? Anyway, is the iPhone 5 a capable device in 2014, and will be continue being capable for at least another two years? (getting software updates and such) I'd like to hear your guys' advice.

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    You can count on the 5 being obsolete by next year's version. The 5S will probably stay strong for 2 years.

    You're into developing iOS apps but you don't want a 6/6+?

    In terms of savings, you're not saving anything on a 2 year old phone which you might soon replace with something newer if you're serious about developing apps.
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    Apr 19, 2014
    I bought an iPhone 5 the moment it was released, it used to get VERY VERY hot when doing Skype calls and the battery would last only 4 hours so I sold it.

    the 5S is way better in terms of camera, specs, no heat issues. I can say that because my wife just recently bought a 5S and it doesn't get hot and the battery is not that bad
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    i would still buy a iPhone 5, but it won't operate as fast as a 5c on T-Mobile's LTE network. if you are using t-mobile you should use a 5c (at least) because it runs on t-mobile's high speed LTE channels, where as the 5 only operates on verizon or att's high speed LTE channels

    okay i googled this. if you want LTE #4 on an iPhone 5, you have to buy the A1428 phone. its the canadian version. good luck

    on 4g on an iPhone 5 you might get 3-9 mbps
    on LTE on an iPhone 5c you might get 20+ mbps

    you get the same 11 or 13 LTE channels on a 5c then you do on a 5s.
    its too bad there are a lot of 5c haters out there

    but you have to understand apple only sells 8 gig iPhone 5c phones. so you should avoid the 8gb models.
    if you can only get your hands on a 8 gb 5c then please disregard my post entirely

    this is just my opinion but for the current selling price on used iPhone 5 phones, they sure are a better buy then a used or brand new iPod touch 5th gen

    try swappa. they guarantee that the iPhone has a clean esn

    and use apple's iCloud checker to make sure the iPhone your buying is ready to be activated

    another reason i suggested the 5c was you said that you are buying on price. and ithink u have a good chance of buying a iPhone 5c for the same price as a 5, and if u see a 5 and 5c for the same exact price and same exact specs and condition, get the 5c cuz it has a better lte radio

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