Is iPhones apple care service international?


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Mar 25, 2017
i am planing to buy an iphone 7 plus from china but is the apple care bought from here valid in india? or can i buy an apple care from india ?


Feb 11, 2008
AppleCare+ for the iPhone does not provide international coverage.

If you buy the phone in China, it has to be serviced in China.
Yes and no.

AppleCare + is effectively an insurance these days, and you are correct it's only valid in the region that you purchase it, if you want to make a claim...that is , you pay the replacement cost.

The warranty component is international, where apple replaces or fixes the device under warranty.

My proof, bought my 5S in the UK with UK AppleCare + and had the device replaced in Australia under AppleCare . Same happened to my 6S plus, bought in Australia with AppleCare + and had it replaced last week under AppleCare .

Now had I damaged the device myself and wanted to replace the device, I'd have had to take it back to the country to where I got my AppleCare + , as it would be an insurance claim affectively.

I hope this helps OP
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