Is it a bad time to buy a mac based off the buyers guide?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by ajp29, Jun 18, 2011.

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    I was on and noticed that only the imac and the ipad had a buy now button close to them. I realize it is because of updates and such and that the rumor is that apple will refresh their hardware after lion, but I also want to buy a mac laptop and an Ipod touch and learn objective c.

    I currently own an Android phone and a windows 7 laptop and I want to upgrade from them. I dont like the high piracy and low sales of the android to develop for(That is what i do at work and it seems silly to do it in my free time if nobody actually buys the game) and my laptop is a Dell(I hate the company and everything they stand for).

    I am getting my paycheck to be able to purchase a macbook or macbook pro and an Ipod touch with the educational discount. But i am wary because the buyers guide said to wait. Is it a bad time to get a mac laptop or is it just advice that i am thinking about to much?

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    The buyers guide is just the opinion of the one writing the guide. You either listen to their recommendation or you get what you want. Since they give the reasons for their recommendations or non-recommendations, you have that information to help you with your decision. However, sometimes you just need something now, so if that’s the case, get what you need. Bottom line, no one really knows when an update is coming or what it’s going to be.
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    May 15, 2011
    If you need one, get it. If you can wait, then hold out until it's updated (and you never know when).

    It doesn't matter much though. You can wait until ipods update, get one, and enjoy it for a year or so as new ones come out, then you'll be out-dated again. That's just how the computer world is, things update all the time.

    So if you need one now, then buy it now and enjoy it. I'm currently using a 2006 iMac with Tiger, which is severely outdated. I'll finally be up-to-date with the new iMac coming (as soon as I upgrade to Lion), but that won't last. New ones will come out in the 5-6 years I plan on using it.

    I'd still use Tiger, but the fact that Apple has abandoned it by not updating iTunes to support newer ipods has pushed me. They can't do it with Tiger, yet they do it with Windows XP =/

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