Is it a good idea to use a case for your MacBook Pro?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Hieveryone, Jan 29, 2017.

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    Personally, I wouldn't. Most cases (Such as this one) may seem like they "protect" the device but they will most likely end up damaging it in the long term. When you put on the part that covers the lid, that adds additional weight to the hinge that may wear it out much more quickly than otherwise. I haven't seen anything like this personally, nor am I a hardware engineer, its just my two cents. Also, I would questions if it would affect the airflow of the ventilation in the bottom of the computer, which would cause irreparable damage to the computer if that were the case (no pun intended).


    Personally, I would just by a sleeve (Amazon Basics) to put the computer in before tossing it in a bag when you need to move about.
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    I dropped my 2011 15 MBP after the first week, nice big dent in it. But it keeps on ticking (aside from the gpu failure 3 years later)
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    I use a hard case on my macbooks. The case on my current mac book has several scratches from cables, keys and other things I carry in my bag. But when I remove the case the surface of the mac book looks brand new.
  6. rawweb, Jan 29, 2017
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    For me it's a huge battle because I'm very OCD about my Apple products. VERY! I'm currently going with my 2016 15" 'naked' and hope that I can keep it in as good a shape as possible. I also run my iPhone 6+ and iPad Pro without a case.

    To answer your question, it really depends on what kind of person you are. If you're like me and have OCD tendencies, you might be OK. Without much effort, you can easily mark up the anodized surface. With that said though, I've seen these things take incredible falls and continue chugging without issues. And yes, they do easily dent, it is aluminum after all. I have little mental ticks I go through when packing the unit into my carry bag. Those ticks and tricks have become SOP. Also I'm very careful about carrying it around or sliding it on a surface. After a while, I don't even put thought to babying it...just becomes second nature. That said, accidents do happen, you just have to be prepared for it and willing to fix it if it does.

    I had a case on my old 17" for many years...the case somehow managed to put it's own marks and wear into the device. I personally can't stand them. Reason? I enjoy the natural aesthetic of the device too much. Apple put a lot of effort into the industrial design of it. Guess I really appreciate that part of it. Plus, I personally hate the extra weight (even if minor) that cases add. Like I said, I'm picky.

    I've got a 2014 15" at work that I've babied around. It's in phenomenal shape with a couple of very minor blemishes on the bottom of the case. No one but me would probably notice them. I guess that's pretty good for 3 years.

    In 2005 I slipped on ice and my elbow landed on top of my laptop bag. Destroyed the screen of my old iBook G4 (the plastic on those old units was impossible to keep in good shape, I swear looking at it wrong would cause the finish to spider)! I was a store Genius at the time so access to parts was simple enough. Swapped the entire assembly without issue. Repairs like that are much more tricky these days...I'd personally be willing to pay extra for AppleCare accidental coverage if they offered it.

    Not sure if I helped or not, either way, best of luck with whatever direction you choose!
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    I have a Speck SmartShell on my MBP Retina late 2013. It has protected my laptop from scratching and bumping for a couple times already. It has perfect cutouts for all ports and no impact on airflow. The only downside is, it gets scratches itself easily. But it's so much better that it is the case that gets scratches than the laptop does.
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    Never used a hard case, just a sleeve and I drag my portables all over the world, certainly the surface finish of the regular silver MacBooks stands up very well. I just give them a clean up from time to time.

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    They scratch easily IMO. Functionally, they can survive some pretty nasty beatings.

    Most cases will protect against cosmetic markings. However, most provide only limited protection against damage. Some cases attempt to provide more impact protection than others, but owner accounts of effectiveness can vary.

    Some other users choose thicker stickers to protect against scratching, like those made from 3M di-noc.

    There has been ongoing discussion for years regarding how cases affect the operating temperature of the Mac. My take on it is that it is generally a minimal impact, but some exceptions exist.

    My personal preference is no case, but a very thick neoprene sleeve for transportation. However, I'm the most mobile users, and for someone constantly on the go, a case may be more justifiable.
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    A thin case and a sleeve works fairly well for me and I travel all over.

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