Is it a Quadro FX 4500 or GeForce 7800GTX?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by tayloralmond, Feb 21, 2012.

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    I bought a GPU on eBay yesterday for my G5 Quad. The description states that it's a 7800GTX and the price seemed pretty fair ($100US) so I bought it. The seller stated that it's a 7800GTX 512MB that was flashed for Mac and shows up as a Quadro FX 4500. I didn't find this alarming, but what I DID find alarming was upon close examination of the seller's photo, the card clearly states "Quadro" on the cooling fan on the GPU. Did I just get ripped off? I figure worst case, a Quadro FX 4500 is still worth the money and is still better than the 7800GT I'm currently using, but I'd still be mad that I was lied to. Thanks for the help everyone.
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    The 4500 is probably a better card honestly. Maybe not for gaming, but for everything else a Quadro is a workstation grade graphics card. The GTX cards were great too, but I would say they're on par at the least.
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    I would return it if it was a Quadro. There are differing versions of the 7800GTX BIOS around, the faster one correctly identifies the card as a 7800GTX! The 7800GTX also has a substantially higher RAM and GPU clock (550/1700), the Quadro is more like an overclocked 7800GT (not even by much, Quadro: 450/1050, 7800GT: 400/1000)

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