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Jun 19, 2013
Apologies if this is supposed to go somewhere else/doesn't deserve a thread of its own.

So I'm going to university in September and wanted to get a Macbook before then. Due to circumstances, a classic MBP seems like the best option because 1) I'll likely be watching many DVDs so would prefer to have a built in optical drive 2) the university is currently giving all accommodation blocks wifi, but may not have finished by mid-sept when I'll arrive. Therefore in the meantime, it'll be necessary for me to use an ethernet port. Obviously accessories to sort this problem if I end up with an Air or Retina model are available, but more inconvenient. Storage, as well, seems to be better on the classic model, with 500GB v. 128GB on the entry-level models that I would be looking at.

But, seeing as the cMBP looks like it's on its way to being discontinued, or possible already is, is getting one a good idea? I'm somewhat worried that its support of new OS' and their features in future years may be patchy - or is this more of an issue for iOS products, and not a problem for computers?

Ideally I'd be looking to purchase in the next month or two - that way, I'll be able to take advantage of the Back To School offer, provided there is one (hey, free stuff!), and by then I'll possibly have a better idea of the status of the cMBP if there's been some sort of announcement of new Mac products.


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Dec 2, 2010
I just bought a 2.6Ghz 15" with Hi-Res Antiglare screen because:
a) completely no glare
b) last apple notebook you can upgrade something yourself in.
c) I can repair something myself without ridiculous apple costs.

the storage in the other notebooks like the air and retina pros is flash storage which is heaps quicker and uses less battery. System starts in 15secs and applications open in a second with the flash storage.

Every computer will no longer get the newest software at one point. The classic MBP has the same components as the retina model. You wont be cut off from updates any earlier then if you buy the air or retina pro.


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Sep 17, 2007
The classic MBP is a great machine. I wouldn't hesitate getting one if I needed one (I have a 2012 13" MBP). Even if it was discontinued right after you bought it, who cares? You'd still have a laptop that will last you for many years. My last MB lasted me 6 years and I expect my current one to last me about that long as well, even if they discontinue them tomorrow.

I wouldn't worry about future OS support either. It's not like it uses a completely different CPU architecture or something.


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Oct 26, 2009
Down the rabbit hole
I bought my cMBP last year and would recommend it to anyone for design or video or something similar. But you didn't mention your concentration -- do you actually need the horsepower or would you rather tote less weight and plug in a Superdrive when needed? Take a look at the 2012 13" Air with 8GB/256GB -- a very capable processor, ample storage and plenty of great deals since it's last years model.


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Oct 24, 2008
I get the feeling the OP is talking about the 13" Classic.

Yes, the 13" Classic Pro is definitely worth it. It's not slow at all, very speedy and runs applications great. It's also ridiculously cheap for a Mac. Full laptop with DVD drive, full sized laptop processor and OSX for under a grand? You can't beat that. You can also upgrade the ram.

We have NO idea if the classic will continue in 2012 and if it's JUST a Haswell refresh, all you get is a 20% better GPU and 10% better CPU but at what cost?

I'd wage my Classic 13" with 16GB of ram and a self-upgraded SSD against a Haswell with 4GB of ram and a 500GB 5400 RPM drive any day of the week. And the whole "You can upgrade the Haswell too" argument is moot because we're talking about budgets. If I were to have the budget for a Haswell 13" Pro (Most likely $1199 at launch) and ram/SSD upgrade, I would be looking at around $1500 total. Money MUCH better spent on a 15" non-Retina or a 13" Retina.

SO yeah, I think the classic mid 2012 is fine especially if you can get the deal I just got. ($949 with a free $50 itunes Gift card at my bookstore)


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May 24, 2013
I have the cmbp and use it for college. Could not be better. Highly recommend it except for 2 issues. One, slightly outdated hardware, but the laptop is upgradeable ur just dealing with yr old processing power here. 2. Weight. A college laptop is carried around often, and portability is important. It's not THAT heavy but i wouldve preferred an air. For your needs, id stick with the cmbp.
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