Is it advisable to get a larger capacity SSD and RAM by myself ?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by hajime, Oct 20, 2010.

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    Hello. We all know that Apple's parts are expensive. However, the RAM for the 2010 MBP are not so compared with other brands. (I actually bought the RAM from Apple as I live in Japan. It costs more to import from crucial, neweggs, etc). How about SSD and RAM for the MacBook Air? Is it advisable to get the lowest capacity model and then upgrade by myself? Is it easy to do it? Thanks.
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    Both the RAM and the chips used for HD space are soldered directly onto the mainboard, it is not possible for you to upgrade them later.
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    Thanks for the info. So, it is better to get the larger capacity ones.
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    The flash storage isn't soldered on. It's a daughter card with an edge card type of connector (think the same type of connector as a typical memory card). If you look at the internals pics on Apple's site you can clearly see the connector on the right and the screw on the left that holds the card in. Also, the RAM has me questioning things. I've heard Ars claiming that the memory is soldered on -even if you go 4GB, so it's not user upgradable. However, the wording on Apple's site leads me to believe it's 2GB soldered on no matter what and you can add 2GB via an open slot. That last part is speculation but the flash storage is definitely not soldered on.

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